Top 10 Best Bowling Balls for Left Handers in 2018

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Left-handed bowlers champing at the bit to go into action need to reap the benefits of improved gripping surfaces to impart a sledgehammer impact. The Best Bowling Balls for Left Handers will produce a desired curve or hook towards the pins as they close in for the kill.

If you get the wrong end of the stick, incompatible balls exert excess strain, soreness at the wrist, and impair your control. Specialty and novelty products allow you to impart a desired curve with a greater degree of accuracy.

You should deliver a curve ball without the need to unduly bend or stoop your wrist. A rapid spinning movement transmits a knock-on effect causing the pins to spin and pull down other targets in the line of fire.

Unique configurations for lefties have different release angles of rotation-clockwise and counterclockwise. Others have an array of holes engineered to snugly fit the thumb of both right and left-handed bowlers.

Get a grip of pairs of smaller and larger holes carved out to selectively accommodate your ring and middle finger. Professional bowlers leverage a ball specifically fitted to their hand.

One-size-fits-all versions broaden out with adjustable finger hole sizes or spacing to offer all bowlers a precise feel. Corresponding specifications for lefties impart a definite spinning torque or movement upon release.

How To Use Bowling Balls For Left Handers?

Lane Conditions

Given that the left side of the alley does not fall victim to repetitive use, the conditions remain unaltered. Lefties with a regular urethane bowling ball should keep it upright at the breakpoint and not try to hook much on the back end to the pocket.

PBA conditions force left-handed tour players to resort to a skid-length control game. They rely on a high ball, extra loft control, speed, and reducing the degree of active action upon release. You can hit break-point and not hook much near the pocket.

More aggressive hooks

Lefty balls have the ring finger hole behind the middle finger while it’s the last finger to release. It simplifies and enhances the precision of rolling dynamics.

The center weight lies slightly in front of the thumb hole and near the left. The weight placement gives the ball more spin action. For consistent strikes, angle the ball into the pocket in-between one-pin and two-pin.

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Extra Tips & Tricks

  • To avoid oil in the middle of the lane, throw your ball on the outside for better traction downhill;
  • Take a pot shot at the second arrow from the left;
  • Use your left foot to give your body increased momentum to add leverage to your arm swing.

How To Spin A Bowling Ball?

Superior Grip Force

Openings and gripping surfaces help you infuse a forceful spin into the mix for an accurate curve or hook as the ball closes in for the pins. A curve or hook gives a whacking pounding at an angle between the head pin and the next adjacent left pin.

If the thumb and middle finger do not play a role in the spinning movement, you can control the delivery by exerting force by means of the ring digit.

Sledgehammer Impact

A rapid spin like a top transmitted to the targets causes the pins to gyrate and knock down their neighbors. Grip as to create wiggle room for the ring finger to move through a relatively larger arc than the middle finger. You’ll thrust a definite spinning torque or movement to the ball upon release.


Band all the elements together and repeat them for consistency. Keep your foot and the ball nip and tack at the foul line to romp through your throws. Lanes differ on oiling and its distribution. Additionally, the oil pattern can fluctuate throughout the game. Fluctuations in oil amount or pattern means the ball will break randomly. You have to keep adjusting your approach.

Our Picks of 10 Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers Review

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball


Other available colors:

Black Pearl


Black/Blue/Silver Pearl

Purple/Pink/White Pearl

Red/Black/Gold Pearl

Brunswick has unveiled the Rhino as a new generation of entry-level performance bowling balls. It strikes a balance between power and control with a synergy of the R-16 reactive cover stock and a light bulb core. It’s a perfect fit if you want a smooth, curving trajectory and less angle deviation in the backend of the alley.

This entry level product lacks hypersensitivity to the dry and oily parts of the alley. The shape and density creates a proper match between the oiling pattern and the structure for you to attain optimum scoring.

With more friction against the alley’s surface, you’ll have more hooking potential or increased sharpness. Excellent resiliency ensures your ball will resist internal shock without cracking, denting, or fracturing.

Product Highlights:

  • R-16 reactive cover stock renders easy length and backend hook movement without extreme sensitivity to a lane with dry or heavy concentration of oil;
  • Resilient materials to endure repeated internal shock without fractures, chips and cracks;
  • High co-efficient of friction and a finely grained outer shell to inhibit hydroplaning;
  • plus-circle
    500 Siaair / Royal Compound / Royal Shine for upscale, high-gloss polish;
  • plus-circle
    Versatile motion suitable across a broad range of lane conditions;
  • plus-circle
    Light bulb core with a decreased differential radius of gyration for slight hook;
  • plus-circle
    A variety of colors such as black, green, and orange;
  • plus-circle
    Enhanced performance, control and power for first-time bowlers.

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball


Other available colors:

Arctic Blast

Caribbean Blue

Gold Envy

Green Envy


Indigo Swirl

Pink Bliss

Scarlet Shadow

Patriot Blaze

Deep Space

Become a real ball of fire and turn the scales to sweep the board in your tournaments with the Brunswick TZone Arctic Blast. Rock the competition with a pin chaser that gets a bead on your targets. It’s ideal for beginners or professionals.

It creates more motion along the backend with an easy glide through the heads. It gains speed rapidly in the first distance of the alley and then snaps sharply towards the targets. The bullet weight block forces it to rotate during its journey down the lane.

The TZone arcs rapidly on the backend bulldozing through the pins with terrific force. The manufacturer uses a polyester cover stock for the outer shell to enhance its grip on oily conditions.

Product Highlights:

  • Ideal for sporadic bowlers, beginners or experts to sharpen their skills on graceful curves or straight lines;
  • Decorated with surreal streaks of aqua, blue, and silver;
  • Polyester outer shell for a particle cover stock that improves grip on oily alleys;
  • plus-circle
    Best-performing shape of Bullet weight block or core;
  • plus-circle
    Royal shine finish glows under black light;
  • plus-circle
    Spare ball ideal for straight bowlers or professionals;
  • plus-circle
    Brand new and undrilled for custom-fit;
  • plus-circle
    Durable materials to prevent cracking after drilling holes;
  • plus-circle
    Suitable for left-and-right-handed bowlers hungry for fun;
  • plus-circle
    Versatile across thick heavy oil or drier lane conditions;
  • plus-circle
    Imparts more spins and ultimately high performance for tough or thick oil patterns.

3. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball Review

Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball


Other available colors:


Emerald Glitz

Captain Odyssey

Captain Galaxy

Purple Haze


Night Sky

Cool Water

The Ebonite Maxim offers a top-of-the-line plastic ball in its own class with revved-up performance. For the fussy player who puts a premium on style, this product takes your game to the next level. It rolls straight and makes easy picking for impressive pin action.

Similarly, on freshly oiled surfaces, the Ebonite lands exactly where you toss it. You can make a few finger-position adjustments thanks to its versatility. Upgrade your gear arsenal with this newly improved piece of equipment that breaks into a gallop right off the bat.

Romp home to victory with the cream of plastic balls for straight bowlers. It’s a winning combination with a pearl cover stock which can hurtle through the lane to the pins predictably.


  • Versatile and ideal for lefties seeking a straight-line trajectory shot;
  • Consistent revolutions with predictable movements;
  • High-end amateur and pro product delivering optimum on-lane performance;
  • plus-circle
    Durable, abrasion-resistant decorations that do not impair on-lane performance;
  • plus-circle
    Vibrant visual decorations with phantasmagoric highlights, contrasts, and colors;
  • plus-circle
    Polyester coverstock improves rotational axis, frictional properties and speed as it slides down the lane;
  • plus-circle
    High gloss finish does not crack after a few uses;
  • plus-circle
    High-performance fun ball reengineered for enhanced predictability;
  • plus-circle
    Perfect combination of polymer art and surface chemistry;
  • plus-circle
    3-piece construction fine-tuned for the ultimate strikes on the lane;
  • plus-circle
    Hard-surfaced to skid straight downhill all the way.

Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball


Other available colors:

Black/Hot Pink


Blue/Dark Blue

Kelly Green Sparkle

Purple/Steel Blue

After painstaking research, innovation, and field tests, Pyramid’s fertile brain hammered together a revved-up entry-level ball tapping into chemical friction technology. The new line-up with advanced 139 core and the Path Reactive Pearl coverstock generates a high coefficient of friction down the alley.

Have a whirl at a whole new ball game without slippage for delayed angular reaction. The New Era 139 Core transmits power to the pins with a knock-on effect. The uniqueness of the chemistry resists cracking and does not get battered like most competitor’s equipment.

It’s engineered to create optimal forgiveness, aggressive entry angles and versatile drilling layouts.


  • New Era 139 symmetric core for peak performance when thrown with spin;
  • Path Reactive Pearl cover stock renders superior coefficient friction for maximum entry and carry;
  • Offers impressive length with a forceful continuous back end reaction that corresponds to medium-dry conditions for a broad array of styles;
  • plus-circle
    Finished to 1500-Grit/Polished Factory Finish for extended length with a sharper ball reaction near the end of the alley;
  • plus-circle
    Versatile motion on a variety of alley conditions and all skill levels;
  • plus-circle
    A variety of drilling options for strong roll or backend and lefties;
  • plus-circle
    USBC approved equipment;
  • plus-circle
    Abrasion-proof outer shell does not chip, crack or wear.

5. Brunswick Skull Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick Skull Viz A Ball Bowling Ball


Other available colors:

Snake Glow

Lizard Eye Glow

Shark Glow


Rule the roost with a modern-day piece of equipment that gracefully arcs into the head pin for the sweet spot. Proprietary polymer chemistry from the Brunswick Bowling research center blazes the trail in the industry. You’ll unlock the fun, excitement and challenge of the game brimming with confidence to win.

The concordance between a revolutionary core and aggressive cover stock creates incredible strength, optimal impact, and extreme entry angle. The pinnacle in weight block power and efficiency promotes dynamic ball movement.

An entry-level price range and manageable reactivity means more barrels of fun. It comes with 360 degree, limited edition graphics that turn the heads down the lane.


  • Polyester or plastic cover stock for surface porosity and traction-generating friction;
  • High-gloss polish and abrasion-resistant shell does not crack or peel;
  • Suitable for medium, heavy oiled and dry lane conditions;
  • plus-circle
    Has a seam where both core halves intersect;
  • plus-circle
    Premium-grade materials and surface details improve performance;
  • plus-circle
    Highly decorative display or pick-up spare with low hook potential;
  • plus-circle
    Inner core, outer filler, and shell work jointly to attain optimum scoring;
  • plus-circle
    High-end materials for entry-level price point;
  • plus-circle
    Ideal for amateurs or professionals picking up spare balls;
  • plus-circle
    Travels with an extended angle to range over the pins with a decisive strike;
  • plus-circle
    Less sensitive to the effects of oil than conventional cover stocks.

6. Columbia 300 White Dot Bowling Ball Review

Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball


Other available colors:



Crystal Sunset



Patriot Sparkle


Cotton Candy


Lime Slime

Advanced players should try a different tack with this newly created plastic version that stays as straight as possible. It gets the bits between your teeth and there’ll be nothing to stop your rise to fame. Players of all hues can gain a competitive edge with this spare.

White Dots have greatly impacted the market throughout the years with top-quality materials and exciting color contrasts. The Columbia 300 White Dot helps you become a dab hand at spare shots.

You’ll develop a foolproof approach so that all those intimidating leftovers drop by the wayside. Take your position from the left side to pick up spares harder and convert with strikes. It gives pins a real pounding.


  • Resilient materials for durability and longest-lasting quality;
  • Ideal for a younger hopefuls, beginners, or a pro on the prowl to pick up some spares;
  • Polyester cover with improved lane performance;
  • plus-circle
    Pancake-shaped core brings muscle and aggressive rotation;
  • plus-circle
    Recommended for light oil conditions;
  • plus-circle
    A variety of visually appealing colors, viz. blue, black, and silver;
  • plus-circle
    Weight block embedded in the interior to compensate for the extracted material from drilled holes;
  • plus-circle
    Unleashes extra striking power on the pins due to the internal composition;
  • plus-circle
    Uniform and evenly balanced core for dynamic movement down a lane;
  • plus-circle
    Generates inherent gyroscopic plane as the ball rotates to increase the hitting power.

Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball


Other available colors:




You don’t need deep pockets to acquire a tiptop addition to your gear. The Columbia 300 Nitrous cleaves the air with a hardened material and a perfectly sleek surface with an additional margin of control and a better chance to pull down the pins.

It comes with highly developed technology for the core and cover stock. The unique design improves predictability without compromising hitting power. The new Boost/R cover equips you with the gripping force needed on medium, dry or light oil patterns.

No matter your game style or expertise, this lineup keeps you operating on the margins of a potentially plentiful harvest of mastery and knowledge.


  • Newly improved core and cover stock chemistry technology delivers excellent motion and forceful pin action for more strikes and better scores;
  • Well-balanced design that improves performance of all users;
  • Two-piece Nitrous core with power efficiency improves its velocity and continuity on all alleys;
  • plus-circle
    Durable and solid cover stock does not split or crack over time;
  • plus-circle
    Advanced Boost/R technology increases the traction-generating friction on medium to light oil patterns;
  • plus-circle
    Unique Nitrous core preserves energy longer while remaining smooth and manageable down lane;
  • plus-circle
    500/2000 Abralon Polished w/Powerhouse Factory Finish;
  • plus-circle
    It renders better predictability, length and versatility for optimum scoring;
  • plus-circle
    A crowd of favorite colors to appeal users of all levels.

8. Brunswick White Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick White Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball


Other available colors:


800 Series



Butterflies Glow


Purple Cheetah


Spiral Black/Pink

Spiral Black/Blue/Yellow

Most bowlers have a fetish for attractive appearance of the bowling ball they sink their cash into. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the richly-embroidered models hide a multitude of sins like brittles and poor performance. But the newly-created Viz-A-Ball from Brunswick goes against the grain.

It boasts a premium design with a horde of innovative elements that improve its performance. Its polyester cover stock provides a perfect fit for most surfaces. It also maintains a straight-line trajectory without breaking late while it has a sleek high-gloss polish.

Dirty cheap products limit your transformative potential and exert strain on your wrist. The White Viz-A-Ball has a comfortable feel while it’s lightweight.


  • Exclusive 360 degree, limited edition graphics with actual image embedded into the surface;
  • Perfect for beginners, recreational bowlers, and experienced players who want to throw it straight at spares;
  • Core/cover combination provides ultimate control for lefties;
  • plus-circle
    Ideal for wooden alleys, lighter and heavy oil conditions;
  • plus-circle
    Unique core shape provides consistent ball reaction;
  • plus-circle
    High-quality polyester material does not crack or chip under stress and spins straight on all surfaces;
  • plus-circle
    High-gloss, smooth surface stays spiffed up with modicum cleanup and maintenance;
  • plus-circle
    Less bouncy to improve accuracy downhill all the way;
  • plus-circle
    Eye-catching design;
  • plus-circle
    Not extremely sensitive to lane conditions;
  • plus-circle
    Improved control with regulated friction on most surfaces.

Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball


Do you want to push your limits in the game? Put your best foot forward with the Pyramid Antidote. It’s a reputable brand light years ahead of the rest in the field. It has a well-balanced lightweight design to bring out the beast in you outdoors.

Make inroads into the sweet spot accurately as it does not veer off unpredictably. It also skids smoothly on most surfaces, including heavy-duty oil. It wows hearts with a durable structure resistant to cracking or splitting.

The top-of-the-range model goes like stink. It has a symmetric 149 core, high RG high differential technology, and GPS cover stock for superior durability as well as performance.


  • Symmetric core (149) and high RG/High differential technology for improved durability;
  • Solid navigational GPS cover stock for resilience and longevity;
  • Provides the gripping force required for medium-heavy oil surfaces;
  • plus-circle
    Rolls straight and not bouncy for accuracy;
  • plus-circle
    Abralon finished polish (2000 Grit) stays in mint condition over the long haul;
  • plus-circle
    Convenient 13-pound design for all hand sizes;
  • plus-circle
    It remains smooth, controllable, and revved-up down the lane;
  • plus-circle
    Outstanding motion and excellent pin action for aggressive strikes and award-winning scores;
  • plus-circle
    Abrasion-proof surface does not crack or chip after a few uses;
  • plus-circle
    Synergizes length, predictability and versatility for a powerful arsenal;
  • plus-circle
    Recommended for bowlers of all skill levels.

10. Champion Sports Rubber Bowling Ball Review

Champion Sports Rubber Bowling Ball


Small bowling balls with a lightweight design accommodate bowlers such as kids with a weaker hand. You can securely grasp and control the ball with four finger holes that aid gripping force as well as managing its delivery.

When it comes to quality, nothing rivals Champion Sports rubber products. The manufacturer molds, reinforces, and properly weights each item for optimum efficiency. It has a rubberized composition if you want to reinvigorate angling, control, and overall expertise.

While it’s resilient and solid, it’s also elastic and velvet for backyard fun without inflicting injuries. You can use it for practice or acclimating little freaks anywhere.


  • Rubberized and lightweight composition crafted with smooth precision giving a reminiscent experience for the whole family;
  • A variety of color highlights for school, recreation, backyard fun, plastic, and foam pin sets;
  • Four finger holes including two thumb openings for ergonomic grip and better handling by users of weak or strong hands;
  • plus-circle
    Multi-surface equipment helps you develop control and ken for the alley;
  • plus-circle
    Safe for kids, elderly, women or adults with rubber materials;
  • plus-circle
    Perfect for multiple hand sizes, including lefties and children;
  • plus-circle
    Molded, reinforced, and properly weighted product for durability;
  • plus-circle
    Appealing decorative elements for bright and breezy gaming environments;
  • plus-circle
    Lightweight with high density materials inside.

Buying Guide – How To choose the Best bowling ball for Left Handers?

Multiple bowling balls in the return system - Post Picture for Top 10 Best Bowling Balls for Left Handers

Sport equipment costs a fortune online. Scrutinize each product’s pros and cons as well as features. The American Bowling Congress and other watchdogs prescribe standards for tournament equipment. The internal composition should possess extra striking power and dynamic characteristics for aggressive pin action. To pinpoint the cream of the crop, consider these attributes that give a bang for your buck.


Before buying any product, it’s always wise to check the materials used to craft it. A vast majority of the merchandises in the niche consist of reactive resin and plastic. Each material has its own swings and roundabouts.

Plastic balls offer durability and allow you to perform tricks well. They have a higher traction level, roll in a straight trajectory and dissipate energy efficiently. Conversely, reactive resin creates a better grip. They have easy release and do not need hooking to rotate straight. This makes them perfect for amateurs.

Cover Stock

The outer shell should have uniform thickness for drilling finger holes without creating imbalance or shifting the center of gravity. The continuous outer shell with a spherical exterior surface creates a larger flare potential.

Polyester or plastic cover stocks have low hook potential. On the other side, the best bowling balls for left handed hook are the reactive resin balls, these one have a traction-generating surface for hook reactivity for professional tournaments.


Bowlers love to feast their eyes on an attractive, high-gloss exterior. The market seethes with numerous stylish designs that feed into a variety of demands. The American Bowling Congress enjoins manufacturers to place the name plate or logo over the heaviest section of the undrilled ball.

The surface should not chip or crack after a few uses. Durable topcoats retain decorations without impairing revs and internal energy.


The balls include holes known as pitches on the surface for grip. Some have a means of locating the player’s hand and improving the grip. Once you have pinpointed the correct weight, examine the configuration of its holes.

The holes should conform to your size for comfort. Buy a product with ergonomic pitches to boost your performance. They render a secure grip.


Weight also plays an instrumental role. Heavier versions require more effort to get a full and stress-free arm swing but have outstanding precision. They unleash more fun across all surfaces. Light balls have less power and accuracy while each throw feels easy.

For the best experience, consider your level of expertise and control when cross-shopping heavy or light products. The general rule is to go for a something that tips the scales at 10% of your weight.

Final Verdict

The best left handed bowling balls have the same well-engineered design and high-quality materials like the balls for right handed. A solid cover stock and unique core drastically improves performance along with greater hitting power for a decisive pin action.

The outer shell determines recommendable lane conditions. Top-of-the-line balls take on dry, medium-heavy, and other surfaces. Finished polish boosts charm, strength and traction on most surfaces. High gloss polish creates a smooth motion while retaining energy and momentum.

In a right-left handed world, all bowlers can enjoy a piece of the action if their equipment has corresponding specifications. You only need to narrow down the most ideal brand with slight traction and hook reactivity.

Top 10 Best Bowling Balls for Left Handers in 2018 - Best Bowling Ball Reviews & Buying Guides 2019
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