Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes for Men and Women [2023 Comprehensive Review]

Buying well-fitting and comfortable bowling shoes for women and men is recommended. These shoes will streamline your approach, ensuring you won’t slip and fall while releasing the ball into the alley. Moreover, the best shoes for bowling will slide and glide smoothly on the floor. While renting bowling shoes for men and women may look cheap, it isn’t sustainable in the long run.

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Trolling your best bowling ball towards an alley to knock down a target is a common way to have fun in the United States. Known as bowling, this recreational sport challenges your mind and body. It hones your hand-eye coordination skills, strengthens your muscles, and improves your body balance while still helping you burn calories. Basically, it’s one of the most idealistic sports which operate on the basics of proper timing, accuracy, and flexibility.

If you’re bored and wondering where to start, you might want to gather a few friends and find a good bowling club. Six people in the lane will make the competition enthralling. If you are a casual or competitive player, you can choose to rent or even buy your own bowling gear.

Rental womens bowling shoes and of course mens bowling shoes might be a good choice, but they aren’t always in optimal condition, especially if you’re trying to up your game.

At the end of our article you can read a detailed Bowling Shoes Buying Guide that will give you more information on how to choose the best bowling shoes, and it’s to be more specific with the details and learn how to choose the best pair of shoes.

Top 10 Best Mens Bowling Shoes

The love for bowling is real. In a study conducted by government, while the statistics show a decreasing trend in the number of participants since 2013, bowling hasn’t lost its fan base yet. If you check around, you won’t miss two or more established bowling centers. Beginners and average-skilled bowlers should equip themselves with a pair of high-quality and comfortable bowling shoes.

Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes for Men and Women [2023 Comprehensive Review] 1

Bowling shoes optimize your approach. They make it moderately slick, flat, and free of debris, ensuring that you can smoothly walk on the lane and release the ball in full force.

5 Factors to Consider when Selecting Bowling Shoes for Men

No pair of bowling shoes are equal. Every brand and type of bowling shoes has a unique selling point. Though, the standard features and qualities in the best bowling shoes are almost the same. Still, it can be a challenging task to choose from the many options in the market. Here’s a quick selection of a top 5 factors to consider when selecting your bowling shoes.

Left or Right

Bowlers play with either the left or right hand. Left-handed bowling shoes give lefties a comfortable foot slide and optimize the approach for a comfortable play. Right-handed bowling shoes are best-suited for right-handed bowlers as they conform well to their right foot slide

Fitting Ability

Poorly fitting bowling shoes are a threat to your feet’s comfort and health. They trip and impede your movements. It’s strongly recommended that you get shoes that have not less than a thumb’s width in the front to keep your toes safe from bruises. The shoes shouldn’t fit loosely or tightly; otherwise, your comfort and movements will suffer.

Breathability and Comfort

Get the shoes that provide your feet with adequate spacing for improved breathability. They should have cushioned insoles, padded collars and linings to give you maximum stability and comfort.

Design and Styling

Bowling is an indoor recreational activity. The styling and fashion of the dressing and shoes don’t matter a lot. That doesn’t mean bowling shoes don’t come in appealing and stylish designs. There are many cute and attractive bowling shoes you can choose from.

Weight and Durability

Look out for best shoe brands for men that are durable and lightweight. Extremely heavy shoes cause fatigue and strain. They give you a hard time trying to move around the bowling alley. The best shoe brands invest in premium workmanship and materials, so their products are strong and durable.

Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes for Men Reviews

Now that you understand how to choose premium bowling shoes, here are some options you can compare to choose the best.

1. Strikeforce Flyer Mens Bowling Shoes

Available in other colors (Click to see)

The man-made upper is super impressive and stylish;
The microfiber slide pad, coupled with the latest revolutionary FlexSide technology, offers a performance-oriented and comfortable pair of bowling shoes;
The collar and the linings are padded to improve comfort;
This pair is one of the best bowling shoes you can get at an affordable price;
The shoes come in multiple sizes and colors;
They are a perfect fit for both bowling professionals and beginners.
The slide doesn’t shield the toes completely;
It’s a universal pair of shoes for bowling, meaning that they aren’t either right-handed or left-handed.

Men who are style and color specific can never go wrong with the STRIKEFORCE Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoes. These synthetic leather shoes are lightweight and comfortable. They feature the newest revolutionary FlexSide technology, padded interior, and synthetic exterior, which all guarantee improved stability and comfort.

The shoes have super soft outer soles and inner cushioning, which streamlines the experience of walking along the lanes. As they stand out, they are among the most affordable bowling shoes.

The slide sole is engineered to maintain a strong shoe-to-surface hold, which ensures you won’t slip or fall while playing. The heels are raised to enhance balance and boost comfort.

The shoes come in sizes ranging from 6 to 14 inches. The Komfort-fit construction offers lasting comfort and promises to enhance your A-game. The impressive craftsmanship is vibrantly visible in the man-made upper.

2. Brunswick Vapor Men’s Bowling Shoes

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The shoes are extraordinarily comfortable and lightweight;
They are super breathable, so you don’t need to worry about excessive sweating;
These exceptional bowling shoes feature extra-light molded EVA outsole;
The anti-microbial insole layer systems add to your feet hygiene;
The unique and performance-oriented uppers add to your comfort;
They come in two color options, so you aren’t limited to one color choice.
The shoes look a bit narrow;
There aren’t many size options available.

Right-handed and left-handed bowlers are sure going to love Brunswick Vapor’s Shoes. Available in alluring white and black colors, this pair of men’s bowling shoes from Brunswick has classic styling that’s accentuated by a high-quality construction. They fit perfectly fine on most men’s feet and work well for experienced and amateur bowlers.

Brunswick designed the shoes with strong synthetic uppers to boost performance and lightweight outsoles to keep your stability under watch. The padded microfiber soles, together with the foam tongue and collar, conform to your feet’s shape nicely to give a comfortable fit.

The shoes are highly breathable and offer uttermost balance to players with different experience levels. Brunswick is one of the most durable shoe brands today, so you are sure to get long-term service from these high-grade shoes.

The manufacturer uses the PureSlide technology to give these shoes superior slide on your feet as well as on the surface.

3. Dexter Ricky IV Mens Bowling Shoes

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They are wide and cool, so they give you maximum comfort and relaxation;
The shoes are made from non-marking rubber, so they are light in weight;
They come with a toe bumper to increase toe-drag protection;
They come with 2-cone s8 microfiber-based slide soles that help improve slide performance;
The shoes upper is soft and durable; it guarantees maximum wearer comfort.
They tend to easily get dirty;
They need to be washed regularly.

Looking for cool bowling shoes for beginners? Dexter bowling shoes are great starter shoes for enthusiastic bowlers. They are the perfect choice for bowlers who want a pair of extra-wide bowling shoes that’s comfortable and durable.

The shoe structuring features the latest Dexlite collection design and flex channel. The high-end design technologies add to the shoes’ comfort and flexibility.

Created from non-marking rubber materials, the outsole is lightweight. It’s fitted with a horseshoe heel to boost user movements. Externally, this shoes are made from full fabric combined with padded tongue and collar for enhanced user comfort.

The extra durable and luxurious toe bumper is made to enhance your toe-drag protection. The 2-zone s8 microfiber-oriented slide soles help boost slide performance.

4. Dexter Turbo II Mens Bowling Shoes

These bowling shoes are incredibly flexible and comfortable;
They are designed to be roomy enough to fit well for wider shoes;
The shoes have a super durable and soft upper;
The shoe tongue and collar are padded to boost comfort;
They have universal microfiber S8 slide, so they work well for both right and left-handed bowlers.
They are a bit heavier, so they may not work well for beginners;
The shoes are only a perfect fit for wide-legged bowlers.

Improve your confidence and look when on the lanes with Dexter’s Turbo II wide-width bowling shoes. Having wider feet shouldn’t make you lose your passion for bowling as there is always a pair of fitting shoes for you. These performance-oriented shoes from Dexter have roomy fit, so they feel comfortable and luxurious on wide feet.

Fit enough for all men, these shoes have a raised rubber heel to enhance slide traction and soft man-made leather upper to give you the perfect look. The inner sole has a fabric lining while the tongue and collar are padded to increase comfort and relaxation.

This pair of shoes fits well for both right-handed and left-handed bowlers, thanks to the microfiber S8 universal slide sole. As for the non-marking rubber outsole, it holds the midsole and sole in position, giving your feet total balance while trolling towards the alley to release the ball at full force.

5. Brunswick Renegade Mens Bowling Shoes

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The extra foam padding added to the tongue and collar guarantee optimal comfort;
The insoles are cushioned to offer comfortable movements;
They include pure slide microfiber which makes them fit for right and left-handed bowlers;
The extra light molded EVA technology guarantees enhanced comfort;
They are durable and reliable;
They feature a simple yet stylish design;
Fit well for both professionals and amateurs.
They aren’t as durable as other bowling shoes in the same category.
The laces are way long and will likely make you slip and fall.

Professional and average-skilled bowlers looking for a high-quality and durable pair of bowling shoes should look no further. Brunswick Renegade shoes are stylish and comfortable men’s bowling shoes ideal for men who bowl sporadically. The shoes employ the light molded EVA outsole technology to give maximum user comfort and relaxation.

The shoes are constructed of durable yet soft uppers, which give optimum slide comfort. The shoes will fit you perfectly well and won’t need a break-in period. They are beautiful but not too flamboyant for a bowling shoe. These shoes from the world’s biggest bowling shoe manufacturer will give every man the confidence and control they need to play bowling like pros.

The non-marking rubber outsoles, combined with the pure slide microfiber innersoles, provide optimal balance on slide and traction. You are going to be in total control over the ball and the entire gaming experience. And considering the collar and tongue are padded to maximize comfort, you are sure going to up your bowling skills in no time.

6. Storm Gust Men’s Bowling Shoes

These cool bowling shoes have a fabric-lined construction. The padded collar stresses the superior design to give wearers optimal comfort;
These shoes have a comfortable fit. They align well with feet of all kinds to deliver optimal relaxation;
They are light in weight;
The shoes stand out as the most stylish and adorable pieces, which bowlers with different skill levels can wear to boost their performance;
They include molded removable EVA footbed and arch cushioning.
The shoes are not very durable;
They are not ideal for daily bowlers since they cannot stand heavy usage.

Stand out from everyone else in the lanes by wearing the stylish and classic Storm Gust Bowling Shoes. Featuring cool cotton canvas and blucher upper patterns, these shoes are stylish and comfortable to wear. They aren’t only beautiful but also superior comforters.

The universal sole makes the shoes super comfortable and supportive. The shoes’ sole has a superior rubber construction, so you are assured of superior stability and traction.

he manufacturer used extra-durable and sturdy materials to give the shoes a lasting construction. Besides, they added passed collar and tongue to give you a great feeling when you’re in action.

The footbeds can be easily removed, so high action bowlers aren’t going to face it rough. The shoes will boost your look, confidence, comfort, and stability, ensuring you can perform effectively in every game.

7. BSI Basic #521 Mens Bowling Shoes

The shoes have a superb sturdiness. They’re going to serve you for some time before you need to get another pair;
They are elegantly designed to give the best looks when on the lanes;
The shoes are cushioned and padded to improve the player’s comfort and performance;
Since they’re lightweight and protective, your sliding comfort when on the lanes is assured.
The soles feel quite sticky;
They run a bit big in terms of sizing.

Every shoe has a selling point and BSI Men’s Basic #521 is not an exception. BSI Men’s Basic #521 has tons of amazing features, including but limited to extra plush insoles, extra supportive leather uppers, microfiber soles, lightweight leather outsoles, and cushioned slide.

The extra-soft insoles are engineered to add more comfort and protect your joints, feet, and muscles. They help keep foot and leg fatigue under control without lowering your performance.

As for the extra-supportive leather uppers, they are stylishly and durably designed to increase the wearer’s comfort. The microfiber soles are stylish and adorable. The outsoles are light in weight and have shock-absorbing cushioning to offer great traction and increase sliding stability. The lightweight and comfortable nature of the outsoles prevent feet toll.

The shoes have a sneaker-like fashion, which adds to the overall shoe style and makes them a bit beautiful. Besides having an excellent design and functionality, BSI Men’s Basic #521 bowling shoes are budget-friendly.

8. Pyramid Ram Men’s Bowling Shoes

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The shoes have a versatile design that allows them to be worn by both left and right-handed bowlers;
They have an advanced design, something which makes them look attractive and desirable;
They come in a huge variety of sizes;
The heels are engineered to be fully functional and allow for easy braking;
They are affordable.
They aren’t a perfect fit for amateurs;
The design looks and feels a bit outdated;

Pyramid Men’s Ram Black Shoes are the real deal for bowlers looking to up their game without investing so much. Mixing uniqueness and beauty, this high-end pair of bowling shoes specially designed for men will give you an edge over your competitors.

Designed to be sleek and classic, the shoes look incredibly attractive on your feet. The interior is accentuated by soft and comfortable leather which guarantees easy and smooth slide. Pyramid Men’s Ram is highly recommended in a lot of user bowling shoe reviews for its premiering performance, durability, and reliability.

Pyramid bowling shoes outer soles feel durable and attractive. They allow you to slide smoothly and comfortably without losing focus or form. The heels are incorporated with comfortable rubber to give you optimal performance.

For men looking to boost your performance, these shoes work for bowlers with different skill levels. They have a universal design, making them ideal for both left and right-handed bowlers.

9. Dexter DX22551 Right Handed Men’s Bowling Shoes

They are the best men’s bowling shoes for the most competitive right-handed players;
They come with an adjustable synthetic upper to maximize user comfort;
The product Includes a raised heel to improve your player safety and minimize accidents triggered by erroneous slides and falls;
They come with added collars and tongue to increase the player’s stability;
The rubber soles are versatile and flexible;
The shoes are reliable and offer great durability.
Some past buyers accuse the shoes of being extremely heavy;
Some players claim that the rubber soles are a bit sticky.

Right-handed bowling players who have found challenges using other types of shoes can now relax, knowing fully well that Dexter DX22551 100-P Pro-Am is their best friend when in the lanes.

Engineered specifically with right-handed players in mind, Dexter Men’s DX22551 100-P Pro-Am will get you sliding comfortably and performing way better than you ever imagined. The shoes cater to bowlers with feet size ranging from 7 to 15. With these men’s shoes, you are getting a padded collar and comfortably cushioned interior that supplies adequate air to keep your feet warm and dry.

The heels are raised a bit to minimize issues with flatfeet injuries and give the shoes a more exceptional look. Also, thanks to the padded innersoles, the shoes offer the same quality and support offered by non-sport shoes. On the bottom, this bowling shoe includes an S8 microfiber felt sole that suits perfectly well for right-handed players. The outsole is rubber made, but it’s extremely durable and reliable.

10. Hammer Force Performance Mens Bowling Shoes

The shoes are bio-mechanically engineered to be comfortable and performance-oriented;
They include high-quality and deluxe insoles that offer great breathability and cushioning;
The shoes have microfiber and slide padded push-off soles that are super durable;
They are designed to be versatile and flexible;
They are available in black and carbon color options;
They are the perfect choice of high-end bowling shoes for professional bowlers who want to improve their performance by exercising total control over their slides.
The shoes are a bit costlier when compared to those of the same category;
There are not multiple size options for buyers.

Hammer Men’s Force Shoes take the 10th position in this list, but being last doesn’t make it a third-grade choice. In fact, this pair is one of the best high-performance bowling shoes ever designed by Hammer Mens Force.

It’s packed with a whole lot of superb features that help boost player comfort and performance. One of the shoe’s intriguing features is STA-DRY Open Mesh collar and tongue which add to the player’s feet breathability. As for the outsoles, they use Thermal Poly-urethane technology to guarantee total flexibility.

The interchangeable slide heels and pads available on the shoes are biomechanically designed to deliver maximum user performance and comfort. Additionally, the shoes use the Ortholite 3D Deluxe Insole in combination with the innovative H-Bar heel locking system to deliver optimal cushioning and breathability.

The S8 microfiber slide pad and rubber push off sole give the shoes outstanding durability. Wearing these shoes will make you not only comfortable but also attractive.

Best Bowling Shoes for Men – Overview

Men who are into bowling need to get the right pair of bowling shoes. While renting works out well for beginners, it won’t be financially sustainable over time. The one-time payment for bowling shoes for men may look huge, but you will realize that it actually saves you a lot from paying for rent every single time. To make sure your purchase is worth it, take our tips from above and choose the best one that suits your needs as a bowler.

Top 10 Best Womens Bowling Shoes

These past few years, there’s been a continued increase of women hooked up in the sport of bowling. If you’re one of those who just started playing this sport, you might be thinking whether you should purchase or rent a pair of ladies’ bowling shoes.

The answer actually depends on the degree of interest you have for the sport. If you don’t really aim to move past the beginner level or just want to consider bowling as a recreational activity, you can just rent a pair of shoes. On the other hand, if you regularly play or intend to become a professional bowler someday, then you should invest in a pair of high-quality bowling shoes.

Bowling shoes for women aren’t like your regular pair of sneakers. They are designed particularly for women to use when playing the sport of bowling. Rather than having a rubber sole to grip, these shoes are made to be as slick as possible. Bowling shoes and your typical training shoes normally look very much alike. However, the former possesses more of a heel to reduce grip with extra comfortability, flexibility, and breathability.

Like any other types of athletic shoes, bowling shoes, come in different varieties and so there are plenty of elements to consider so that you can get the best womens bowling shoes. To help you with this, we have prepared this guide and included some of our recommendations.

7 Factors to Consider when Selecting Bowling Shoes for Women

When buying bowling shoes, don’t just choose the first pair the store recommends, even if the sales representative tells you that it is good. After all, not all bowling shoes will give you the best results just because they are intended for bowling.

In order to come across the best possible investment, here are some of the features that you should consider when choosing the best bowling shoes:


The outsole of a shoe is one of the most important things you have to consider. It is the layer at the bottom part of the shoe that allows for better mobility while on the floor. This is truly essential for your turns.

Replaceable soles are the best, but you also need to know whether they have the right slide, so you’ll need to check on that too.

Inner Soles

The insole is a vital component with regard to athletic shoes. Many footwear manufacturing companies give huge importance to it as the insole will decide whether the shoe can provide sufficient comfort and support or not. When examining the insoles, make sure that they are comfortable. Look for shoes that have cushioned insoles as they make them very safe and enjoyable to wear.

However, comfy shoes are not just about having cushioned inner soles; there are also other technical aspects of foot support you should look into. One of these is the arch design which is especially helpful if you have podiatric problems.


Buying a pair of womens bowling shoes in physical stores is easy; however, when you do it online, it can become tricky. Since they’re vital in playing bowling, the shoes you buy should fit you perfectly. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to the sizing before making your order.

The first thing you can do is pick a size that you believe is similar to your standard shoe size. After that, look for the maker’s sizing chart for reference. Then, measure the exact size of your foot with a tape measure. You should also consider whether you have a narrow or wide foot in the size adjustment.


Some say your bowling skill level is represented by the cost of your shoes. However, you aren’t required to have an expensive pair of bowling shoes, especially if you’re still a beginner. If you aim to become a pro, then that is the time you should invest in high-quality pair of shoes. Just keep in mind that the more a pair costs, the better the quality you’ll receive.

Materials & Durability

How the shoes are manufactured could make a difference in how satisfied you are with them. The more superior the materials are, the more durable the finished product can be. Usually, beginner bowling shoes don’t last longer compared to their performance counterpart. In rare cases, some are just the same in terms of quality.


It is recommended to go for lightweight bowling shoes since the weight of what you wear will play a big role in your comfort and mobility. Not only that, but lighter ones can lessen the fatigue and prevent injuring your ankles and feet while playing.

Nonetheless, if you prefer shoes that are a little bit heavier, you can also wear them especially when you get used to them already. Meanwhile, if you’re still trying to get accustomed to them, just be careful while you are in the bowling alley.


In general, best bowling shoes for women should be breathable, comfortable, and flexible. If you are not satisfied with the feel, fit, and support of your shoes, then you’re better off looking for a better product. That said, make sure the shoes you choose offer a certain level of comfort since it can greatly improve your performance as a bowler.

Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes for Women Reviews

To help you choose, we have compiled some of the top bowling shoes manufactured by the most durable shoe brands in the market.

1. Dexter Vicky Bowling Shoes

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Trendy and lightweight design;
Padded for comfort;
Universal bowling shoes;
Quite cheap.
Needs to clean more often due to its dominant white color;
Its toe box is quite narrow.

With Dexter Vicky, looking great on the bowling alley has never been easy. This cool bowling shoes provides you with an edge in perfecting your approach to bowl along with an extra boost to your overall game.

The shoes’ delicate uppers combined with a completely lined fabric, an interior composed of a collar, a padded tongue, and a U-Throat upper pattern all integrate to guarantee that you’ll have all the support you need for your feet while playing bowling.

The rubber outsoles are like horseshoe heels that will help maintain your footing while breaking your slide after you release the ball. Complementing with these awesome bowling shoes are their EVA midsole universal Microfiber slide sole which make them suitable for bowlers who are looking for left-handed bowling shoes and right-handed bowling shoes.

Also, their rubber outsoles give additional protection and support to your soles as well as to your midsoles. They’re also non-marking so you won’t cause any scuff marks or lines to the alley.

2. Brunswick Karma Ladies Bowling Shoes

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Comes with a stylish design;
Lightweight and very durable construction;
Very comfortable to wear;
Features a slip-on design;
Looks good even outside the bowling alley.
It can be too wide if you have slender feet;
Weak lacing system.

These bowling shoes for ladies feel light on the feet as they are made of lightweight materials. Despite their lightness, Brunswick’s Karma shoes are very durable and can certainly cater to your bowling needs.

The pair easily stretches to avoid the sole from cracking; more importantly, it enhances your game. These shoes have a good grip due to their superior rubber soles. Not only do they look very classy and easy to maintain, but they are also made to last for years.

3. Dexter Dani Womens Bowling Shoes

Modern design;
Affordable pricing;
Abundance of sole slickness;
Comfortable and easy to wear.
Mostly suitable for someone with narrow feet;
The shoe sizing runs small.

These Dani shoes from Dexter have a stylish design and come in black/turquoise colors. Some of their prominent features are their white outsoles and defined heels. A breathable mesh is installed to cover the shoes’ internal as well as external parts.

As one of the best womens bowling shoes, they are fabricated with a synthetic material which is proven to be durable and long-lasting. They also don’t look like the regular bowling style shoes as they are more like gym sneakers.

The outsoles of these cute bowling shoes are designed to endure continuous movements. They are slightly elevated at the heel so if ever you fall to the ground, the pain will be lessened. This can also prevent you from suffering any serious leg injury.

Their non-marking soles are reinforced with microfiber to improve your gliding on the lane. Lastly, they have a well-stitched fabric cushioning which gives additional comfort while playing.

4. Dexter Kerrie Womens Bowling Shoes

Available in other colors (Click to see)

Can be worn alongside your casual wear;
Modern designs;
Worth the price;
Abundance of sole softness;
Comfy and easy to wear.
Sizing usually runs small.

If you just play bowling occasionally, then it is recommended to just rent bowling shoes; however, if you play regularly, you can upgrade your kicks with the Dexter Kerrie shoes. These shoes have a grey twill which complements their overall excellent look.

They feature a smooth and trendy color outline as opposed to the flashy variation in rental shoes. Moreover, they are snuggly to wear. In addition, Kerrie shoes are flexible and pleasant to wear even for the first time compared to others. When it comes to their sizing, there’s no need to worry as there’s surely a pair for you. However, the shoes are more fitting for someone with slender feet as the sizing runs small.

This pair of shoes can undoubtedly be used in any bowling alley out there due to their slide-rite outsoles which are equipped with non-marking rubber and S8 microfiber soles. They also have vents at the middle to prevent moisture inside, especially when you have sweaty feet.

The removable footbed, softened tongue, and collar and cotton uppers are added to improve their comfort and quality. Therefore, in terms of sliding capability, Kerrie shoes have all the necessary components to fulfill your needs.

5. BSI Classic Women’s Bowling Shoes

Superior production;
Not too heavy;
Robust upper and soles;
Maintenance is easy;
Comfort lasts even if used on a daily basis.
Laces are not placed up as high as compared to others.
May look very sporty for a serious bowler;

This pair of shoes comes in black/purple shade and is suitable for both beginner and expert bowlers. They feel extra smooth and comfortable to wear. Their lightness and flexibility will help you improve your balance and keep the soles from easily cracking.

Meanwhile, the upper parts of the BSI women’s classic bowling shoes are made of durable materials to withstand strong impacts, daily usage, and a variety of almost unbearable instances. It’s not only because of their durability that these shoes have managed to make it on this list, but their long-lasting beauty is also a noteworthy feature.

6. BSI #651 Women’s Bowling Shoes

Comes with a stylish and colorful design;The insoles are cushioned to offer comfortable movements;
Super comfortable to wear;
Wide at the toe box;
Very light.
They are not true to their size;
They have a sticky heel, and you may need some time to get used to wearing them.

Another bowling shoe for women from BSI that made it to this list is the #651 model. The pair is available in black and pink designs with perfectly stitched leather as the primary material. The soles are glued both on the right and left shoes so you can have a better sliding ability that is essential to improve your game, especially if you’re a newbie. The interior has a textile cushion that does not only give the feet a soft feel but also adds to the shoes’ breathability.

Having this pair of shoes feels like you almost aren’t wearing anything as each shoe only weighs a pound. The available sizes range from 5 to 11. However, you have to pay extra attention when buying these online as they run a smaller size.

The BSI brand logo is imprinted in pink at the side of each shoe, adding more beauty to their overall look. Lastly, these shoes don’t have foot dominance which is the main component of performance bowling shoes. Therefore, if you’re in need of performance shoes, you might look for another option.

7. Aura Ladies Bowling Shoes

Available in other colors (Click to see)

Durable breathable mesh uppers;
Lightweight rubber outsole;
Lots of mesh help provide moisture relief;
Foam covered tongue and collar help keep these shoes comfortable;
Purple/pink style appeals to a broad audience;
Laces are capable of being done up high for added stability.
Synthetic is not as durable as the leather;
Mesh is more prone to cold and hot temperatures as well as ripping.

If you’re on a limited budget, the Aura ladies shoes from Brunswick might be the best choice for you. These shoes are fantastic for women who are looking for a facile design with outstanding quality. These fashionable shoes are available in purple and pink designs which are very suiting to those with a chic fashion sense.

Aside from that, the soles are light and made of rubber. The shoe uppers are meshed for increased breathability. Specially designed for women, you can expect them to be amusing, vibrant, comfortable, comfortable. The shoes also provide impulsive gliding prowess.

All these things together make a great combination not only to make you look good but also to boost your overall bowling skills.

8. Storm Istas Multicolor Womens Bowling Shoes

Lightweight yet durable construction;
Breathable fabric;
Neat color scheme;
The sizes run true;
Plenty of size options;
Affordable price tag;
Comfortable to wear
Decent flexibility.
Quite short against your ankles;
The sole is not as smooth compared to others.

Although these colorful bowling shoes aren’t the gentlest pair when in the bowling alley, you’ll still love them for many different reasons.

They are breathable, flexible, lightweight, and have all the qualities which every woman is looking for in a pair of shoes. Even though they’re cheap, you can expect them to have a rather high quality. Also, they are true to their sizes and come in eight available sizes to choose from.

Compared to others, the comfort and style these shoes have to offer are more advanced. They feature defined heels that are comfortable, rubber soles that are non-marking, and an EVA footbed which is detachable.

Their color outline will astonish you and help you to stand out from the crowd due to their trendy combinations. Not to mention, they are built to last. Despite the fact that they are somewhat low in the ankle, they are still worth the try.

9. Brunswick Bliss Women’s Bowling Shoes

Available in other colors (Click to see)

Breathable construction;
Magnificent color schemes;
Lots of sizes and fitting choices;
Bend really well;
Supports sliding motion;
First-class synthetic soles;
Comfortable and easy to wear.
E You need to spread the toe boxes first before wearing them.

These stylish bowling shoes are considered a head-turner in the bowling lanes thanks to their stunning design. However, it’s not just because of their stunning two-color design of white and either blue or black excel; it actually has to do with their overall amazing quality.

This pair of Brunswick’s Bliss shoes are geared with customary rubber soles, synthetic uppers, a foam embellished collar, and a tongue to enhance your game. They glide very well, are really comfortable, and can easily fit you immediately even in your initial use. The toe box only needs to stretch once and you’ll have no trouble wearing them every single time right after.

However, what separates these shoes from others is that they are modified to fit you. This means that there are two tailored selections in all 18 sizes in which these shoes are available. You can choose from either regular or wide depending on the type of your feet.

10. Hammer Vixen Performance Women Bowling Shoes

Lustrous and trendy design;
Can be worn by newbies and professionals;
A lot of size options to choose from;
Stunning color patterns;
Breathable and Comfortable to wear
Only one side has a detachable pad;
Expensive than most of the brands on this list.

Do you classify yourself as a professional bowler already? Or are you not just comfortable with wearing bowling shoes for beginners? If so, then the Vixen shoes from Hammer might just be the perfect pair for you.

The variety of these shoes is like no other. There are three gleaming color designs you can pick from in every 12 sizes available. The Vixen shoes come with microfiber uppers that allow air to get inside as well as Ortholite insoles and a compression-molded EVA exterior.

Other shoes tend to have their comfort level disappear over a long period of time playing; however, the Vixen is an exception thanks to their collar and mesh tongue that give extra comfortability. These shoes can also help you if you need to glide smoothly but under control in the alley.

The switchable slide pads, microfiber slide pad, and H-bar heel securing mechanism are all part of the wide variety of features that make these shoes unparalleled. All of these are put together so that you can be at the top of your game. And while they may not be the most affordable shoes available out there, they certainly are among the best in terms of the quality.

Best Bowling Shoes for Women – Overview

To sum up, the best women’s bowling shoes may cost a fortune, causing you to settle for less. With this, you may encounter shoes that might not fit very well, can get ripped easily, and won’t provide you with that comfortable feeling you need while playing. All of these can lead to a disruption in your comfort and performance as you play bowling. Therefore, in order to avoid that, make sure you only go for the best bowling shoes for women which were included in this list.

How to Choose the Best Bowling Shoes

Most rental bowling shoes tend to be worn out with years of usage, hence they won’t be in optimal condition. If you’re looking to buy top bowling shoes, here are everything you should know.

Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes for Men and Women [2023 Comprehensive Review] 2

Key Features to Consider When Selecting Your Bowling Shoes

You’re sure going to enjoy bowling if you have the right shoes. It’s never a good idea to participate in a bowling match dressed in the wrong shoes. You may fall and get injured, and that’s not a good way to start or end a day.

The top bowling shoes from highly trusted brands and manufacturers will add fun and safety to the game. Moreover, the market is flooded with many high-end and genuine bowling shoes, so choosing the perfect fit for you shouldn’t be that hard.

When choosing premium bowling shoes, you should know what you want and pay close attention to details. Your lifestyle and personal preferences shouldn’t hinder you from getting quality shoes for bowling. That said, here are some of the features you should consider when buying bowling shoes.

1. Comfort and Support

A bowler’s ability to flawlessly troll a ball into the alley depends on how tightly or loosely the bowling shoes hold onto his feet. If the shoes don’t feel comfortable, you will likely tremble and fall.

Good bowling shoes have breathability and comfort-enhancing properties. Its breathable construction will allow your feet to stay fresh and dry. Additionally, the cushions have extra padding to boost user comfort.

For women, they should buy purpose-oriented bowling shoes that provide superior support and comfort.

2. Sizing and Fitting

Both men’s and women’s bowling shoes come in a variety of sizes. For men, sizes will range from 6 to 18 while women’s will range from 5 to 11. Your feet’s heel-to-toe length, arch length, instep, and width will help you choose the right fitting shoes. If you don’t have these measurements with you already, visit a bowling pro shop to have your feet measured. You can also try several shoe sizes to find which fits your feet best.

Don’t be dazed by style and fashion that you forget about function. Shoes shouldn’t be too large as they may slip off when playing. They shouldn’t be too small either since they may create pressure on your feet, leading to bruises or crushed toes.

3. Design and Fashion

Fashion shouldn’t come before function, but that does not mean you should only settle for outdated and poorly conditioned options, especially if they are women’s bowling shoes. You should also consider looking for fashionable bowling shoes that elevate your style profile.

The shoe design should match your style of dressing as well. Even if your bowling shoes don’t make you look super trendy and fashionable, they should at least not make you look outdated and fashion-deprived. Who wants to dress in women’s bowling shoes that make them appear older than they are anyway?

4. Durability

Bowling shoes aren’t designed to last forever. Despite their high cost, they tend to have a limited lifespan. Not all shoes will wear out in months or last for years. Depending on the manufacturer, some shoes can last up to two years while others will be completely worn out in just less than 6 months. The durability of bowling shoes depends on the material and workmanship.

Shoes made of high-grade leather by talented bowling shoemakers can last for years while those made by of synthetic leather won’t even go past a year. Synthetic leather and texture characterize cheap shoes, and while they might be lightweight and fun to wear, they won’t last long.

Considering the high cost of bowling shoes, you should buy premium shoes that are made of high-grade materials and superior workmanship to enjoy longer service and better value for your money.

5. Brand and Manufacturer

There are thousands of registered and accredited shoe manufacturers in the world. However, only a few thousand have maintained a notable reputation, and out of the thousands, only a few hundreds have attained a worldwide reputation when it comes to world-class bowling shoes.

You can find all the information about the best bowling shoe brands and manufacturers online. Dig deeper into the details of every brand and manufacturer, and try to compare each product to allow you to pick a great product. If ever you decide to buy bowling shoes, buy only from trusted brands and manufacturers.

6. Right or Left-Handed Shoes

Bowling shoes are either left or right-handed. The left-handed options are ideal for bowlers who use their left hand to throw the ball while the right-handed are for players who use their right hand to throw the ball. All shoes, whether right or left-handed, will have good traction.

The right pair of bowling shoes for your hand type will improve your sliding experience and minimize the chances of accidents. Additionally, it can improve your performance and make your throws more accurate.

7. Shoe Weight and How to Slide Better

Your movements and comfort suffer when you wear extremely heavy bowling shoes. Extremely heavy shoes tend to hold you back, making it hard for you to slide smoothly and make an accurate ball release.

On the other hand, lighter shoes don’t strain your feet and ankle and will keep you energized instead. They let you slide smoothly and make more accurate ball throws. However, that will depend on your experience. Veterans prefer a bit heavier shoes as they keep them in control.

What are the best Bowling Shoe Brands?


Dexter is one of the world’s biggest bowling footwear manufacturers. They stand out as an innovative brand that has helped advance bowling through smart innovations. For instance, Dexter is among the brands that championed the invention of the patented heel and sole combinations in shoes.

Since 1957, Dexter has been making first-grade shoes to help bowlers enhance their performance and have real fun while in the lanes. Their unequaled commitment and vision have enabled them to remain the world’s best bowling shoe brand for decades. Dexter specializes in the creation of premium bowling shoes for kids, men’s, and women’s bowling shoes.

Dexter is known for sponsoring the best American High School students, Teens Masters Tournament, and Professional Bowlers Association.


Known globally as a pioneer in the birth and progress of bowling, Brunswick blends advanced technology and superior workmanship to create high-end bowling shoes. This bowling shoe brand was founded by John Moses Brunswick in the 1860s.

Under the leadership of Moses Bensinger, Brunswick was the first shoe brand to organize a bowling Congress in America in 1895 which saw the planning and hosting of the first bowling tournament in 1902. In 1976, Brunswick opened the first bowling center in Moscow.

Since then, they have opened tons of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Muskegon, Hungary, and China. Currently, Brunswick stands out as the world’s leader in the construction of bowling centers and improvement of the existing ones.

3G Bowling

Though young, 3G bowling is a super aggressive upcoming bowling shoe manufacturer. 3G bowling came into existence in 2007 and is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

They are known for the creation of kangaroo leather and synthetic leather bowling shoes for men. They also offer durable and stylish bowling shoes for women that let ladies control the lanes when bowling. They offer sport ultra-series, Cruze series, and kicks series.

Ebonite International

Ebonite International is a bowling equipment and shoes manufacturing company which is headquartered in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Ebonite market their bowling products under brand names like Hammer Bowling, Track, Robby’s, Ebonite, and Columbia 300.

Since 2002, they have been buying and gaining ownership over some of the best bowling shoes brands around Kentucky. For instance, in 2002, they acquired the Hammer-branded shoe manufacturer while in 2007, they acquired the Columbia Industries and Dynothane Inch.

Ebonite International remains one of the leading and most pioneering bowling company in Kentucky. They manufacture and sell high-grade shoes for bowling.


Etonic is a renowned bowling shoe manufacturer that blends innovation and design intelligence to create athletic gears that stand out in terms of quality and usability. Etonic was idealized and initiated by Charles A. Eaton in 1876 in Brockton, MA. Etonic shoe manufacturers were the biggest supplier of the shoes and boots used by troops in World War 1.

In 1945, they made the first golf-centered shoe, hence becoming the leading innovative and leading-edge golf shoe manufacturing company. They have since then remained a top player in the creation of golf and bowling shoes.

How to Keep Your Bowling Shoes in Top Shape

Bowling shoes are your best friend when in the alley. They keep you safe and make your slide smooth, ensuring you can throw the ball safely and accurate. Sadly, bowlers tend to neglect their shoes when it comes to proper care and maintenance.

In order to keep your bowling shoes in tiptop shape, here are some maintenance tips you should follow:

1. Treat Your Bowling Shoes Well

Just like you would do to your pet, your bowling shoes should be treated with utmost respect and esteem. You should give them the attention and care they deserve. You should observe all the safety cautions to ensure the shoes can last longer.

These are the major safety precautions which, if observed keenly, will ensure that the bowling shoes you bought last way longer than you expected:

  • Never use your shoes when wet. Give the shoes some time to dry before you wear them;
  • Give your shoes enough space when in the bag. Crashing them with other items will disfigure and affect their nice shape;
  • Don’t force your bowling shoes out of the feet. Always untie the shoelaces to make the removal process easier;
  • Keep the shoes under the right conditions and temperatures;
  • Don’t use the shoes in the bathroom or while running. The shoes aren’t fit for such environments;
  • Don’t be extra harsh on your bowling shoes. You have to give them the attention and care they deserve for them to last longer.

2. Wash the Shoes Regularly

One simple but effective way to keep your bowling shoes in top condition is by thoroughly and frequently washing them. Even if you buy top bowling shoes, if you don’t wash them frequently, they will wear out in a matter of weeks. Cleaning shoes shouldn’t be a big deal, simply keep these things in mind when cleaning bowling shoes:

  • Use the right choice of disinfectants. Always keep in mind that not all cleaning solutions will work well with your shoes. Consult a bowling pro to know which disinfectants to use for your shoe brand;
  • Use the right brush. It’s strongly recommended you use plastic cleaning brushes for the best results;
  • Don’t over wash your shoes. Washing bowling shoes almost daily will shorten their lifespan and make them look older they actually are;
  • Get them cleaned by a professional once in a while. Though you can easily wash your shoes all the time, there are shoe sections that only professionals know how to wash properly.

3. Make Proper Use of Shoe Covers

Shoe covers help secure the outer soles of bowling shoes from moisture, debris, and dirt penetration. Bowling professionals advise bowlers to use shoe covers to minimize shoe damage caused by moisture and debris.

Fortunately, you can find plenty of shoe covers in the market. Always make sure the shoe covers you buy are durable and have good traction.

4. Keep Leather Bowling Shoes Away from Heat

You should NEVER expose your leather bowling shoes to direct heat. The heat will actually cook the leather and cause it to literally dry out. The more you expose your shoes to direct heat, the harder and more brittle they become, thereby affecting their shape. It is always recommended to let your shoes dry naturally under the recommended room temperature.

Keeping your shoes near burning fire with the intention of drying them faster is the biggest mistake you can ever make. The heat will brittle and stiffen your shoes, changing their overall appearance.

5. Get Your Shoes Repaired by a Pro

Any shoe repairs should be handled promptly by an expert. Leaving small bowling shoe holes unattended gives room for the damages to grow bigger. The bigger the holes become, the harder they are to repair. That simply means that you may be risking losing your shoes if you don’t repair them promptly and properly.

Checking out the shoes regularly to see if there are any faults will help ensure that no holes or damages will grow unnoticed.

6. Waterproof Your Shoes when Necessary

During icy and snowy weathers, you should get shoes ready for the weather. The most natural way to do this is by using beeswax to weatherproof the shoes. The beeswax will act as a strong seal against ice and snow, allowing the shoes to stand the weather without getting damaged.

Beeswax should be applied by using either a clean brush or cloth. It should be rubbed in small circles and left to dry naturally. There are many other weatherproofing products you can apply to your bowling shoes to make them stand the icy and snowy weather. You can ask for guidance from bowling experts for that.

7. Store your Shoes in a Breathable Material

Leather and synthetic materials need enough air circulation to get rid of moisture naturally. By keeping bowling shoes made of leather or synthetic materials in a plastic bag, you inhibit natural air circulation which makes it impossible for the shoes to get rid of the moisture. It is usually best to store your shoes in a fabric bag as it’s breathable and allows the shoe to free itself of moisture.

Most of the shoe boxes on sale today won’t offer adequate air circulation to keep the shoes dry. That’s why it is advised to avoid keeping your leather shoes in these boxes rather in excellent breathable fabric bowling bags.


If you are new to bowling, here are some of the frequently asked questions which you might also be wondering:

Can I wear socks together with my new bowling shoes?

It’s not wrong to wear socks with your newly bought shoes. Actually, socks will emphasize on your feet comfort and hygiene by adding a layer of cushioning. Make sure to use high-density socks for maximum comfort though.

Is there a DIY to fix sticky bowling shoes?

Sticky shoes are as a result of extreme dirt accumulation. You can always take your sticky shoes to a bowling shoe cleaning expert. If you wish to do it at home by yourself, you can also do it really quick.

To start, gently clean the outsole of your shoe with a brush and try rubbing all the dirty parts by using a damp cloth. Make sure you don’t wet the areas of the shoe which aren’t sticky if you don’t want to damage the outsole.

Where can I safely buy mens bowling shoes or bowling shoes for women?

This is a commonly asked question among bowling beginners. Those starting out in bowling are always unsure of where to buy their shoes. There are many offline and online places where bowlers can buy your desired bowling shoes.

You want to start by visiting the official websites of well-known bowling shoe manufacturers we mentioned above. Another best place to buy is from authorized sports stores and websites. You must always make sure you are buying from a reputable store to avoid being ripped off.

It is really necessary to wear bowling shoes?

Most bowling beginners want to know if it’s worth it to wear bowling shoes. These shoes are specially created to make bowling fun and more intriguing.

They give the wearer the support and endorsement they need to play the game more comfortably. They also keep your feet safe and make the slide towards the alley quick and smooth. Lastly, bowling shoes help prevent unexpected damage to the alley.

Can I get cheap bowling shoes?

Bowling shoes are available from multiple manufacturers in a variety of price ranges. The prices aren’t the real definition of the quality, but in most cases, costlier bowling shoes from trusted brands can be an indication of premium quality.

If you are low in budget, then you might want to consider renting them instead. These shoes aren’t made to be cheap, though you can find tons of affordable high-grade bowling shoes for both men and women. Take your time to hunt for high-quality shoes and make sure you buy only from trusted brands.

Should I buy or rent an excellent bowling shoes?

Those new into bowling will have to choose between buying and renting bowling shoes. Renting may look cheap, but it’s not really sustainable in the long run. Renting doesn’t always give you value for money as the renters don’t always have the best quality bowling shoes.

Consider getting your own pair of bowling shoes if you want to have the best moments playing the game. When you have your own shoes, you won’t have to worry about the shoes being poorly conditioned and not performing to your expectations as you have full control over their use.

Are there any differences between men’s and women’s bowling shoes?

Mens Bowling Shoes aren’t quite different from those made for women. The only difference is the gender they are addressed for. However, there are some serious differences between the design and style of bowling shoes for women and those made for men. As a first-time buyer, you don’t need to worry as all the shoes on sale today are gender-specific.

What types of bowling shoes are perfect for professionals?

If you have been into bowling for some time, you already know that the kind of bowling shoes will greatly affect performance. Beginner bowlers don’t need to go for detailed shoes as they are just beginning out.

As they grow in skill and experience, they can advance to more performance-oriented shoes. Professionals need more customized bowling shoes that match the lane conditions, playing style, preferences, and movements.

Should I replace my bowling shoes regularly?

There is no time limit on when you can replace your shoes. Everyone has their own tastes, and what someone will consider old and worn out won’t be the same for someone else.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to buy a new pair of shoes. Having a few pairs isn’t a bad idea since it makes it easier for you to alternate your shoes. Alternating your bowling shoes is the best way to increase their durability and lifespan.

Which bowling shoe brand is the best?

There is no single bowling shoe brand that is perfect for everyone. Different people have different preferences, and what you may consider best may not be the same for others. The choice of a shoe manufacturer and brand is always left to the buyer to make.

You must, however, make sure you settle for a brand with an established reputation in creating bowling shoes.

Can sneakers act as bowling shoes?

Sneakers may appear a good choice to use when you don’t have bowling shoes. However, they are never the perfect replacement for bowling shoes. The outsole in sneakers isn’t the same as the one in bowling shoe, and this only means that they don’t make the gliding movement as smooth as bowling shoes will.

It’s against the bowling rules and terms to use other kinds of shoes apart from bowling shoes, so trying to sneak in with sneakers into the bowling playground is totally wrong.

Can I use my bowling shoes for other sports?

Bowling shoes are light and comfortable. You may be tempted to use them for your workout or running exercises. However, experts advise against using bowling shoes for other sports.

The outsole material in bowling shoes is specially made for bowling, and using it in other environments tend to make it prone to debris, dirt, and mud which can end up altering its performance. It would be best if you only use your bowling shoes when in the bowling alley.

Does Nike make bowling shoes?

Nike has produced a period including bowling shoes, but at the moment, the only place where Nike Bowling Shoes can be bought is eBay or similar platforms, because Nike doesn’t produce them anymore.

Nike is the biggest athletic shoes and apparel brand globally. They have made and sold brands like Nike+, Air Max, Nike CR7, Air Jordan, Nike Golf, Nike Dunk, Air Force, and much more.

It’s the sportswear brand for most high-profile sports teams and bowlers all over the world with its amazing trademarks logos.

Does Puma make bowling shoes?

Puma is a multinational athletic footwear and apparel manufacturer with headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. They are currently the 3rd biggest sportswear manufacturer globally.

Founded by Adolf Dassler and Rudolf in 1924, Puma is one of the most sought-after brands in the world. Their first logo was made up of a beast jumping via a letter D. If you are a frequent sportswear buyer, you likely have come across the Puma bowling shoes.

Puma and Lucky Strike bowling chain had a collaboration of bowling shoes production back in 2011, but at the moment Puma doesn’t produce anymore bowling shoes.

Best Bowling Shoes – Final Thoughts

There is no shortcut to finding high-quality and performance-oriented shoes for bowling. You must spend enough time researching and comparing the available options to choose the best bowling shoes for men and even more time when you’re looking for bowling shoes for women that will match your quality and performance expectations and of course design is quite important in some cases.

Don’t overlook the things that matter when evaluating and choosing bowling shoes. The above guide is made to help you find and buy the right shoes that can meet your personal quality expectations.

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