Best 2 Ball Bowling Bag Reviews & Comparison

Looking for the best 2 ball bowling bag? Confused about what bowling bag to choose?

You’ve reached the right place. Whether you are a beginner are an expert, it is always difficult to choose the right double bowling ball bag to carry your coolest bowling balls along with all your gear.

We’ve analyzed the available products on the market to help you pick the best bowling bag that will fit your needs perfectly.

Best 2 Ball Bowling Bags Comparison

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Whether you are new to bowling or you bought a proper bowling ball for your kid are just beginning to learn the world of bowling, obviously, you would have a set of bowling gear.

And a standard tote bag will not be sufficient enough to hold all the gear including the ball, and this is where you need a bowling bag.

These bags are specially designed to hold all your stuff and allow you to carry them along wherever you go easily.

These bags come with enough room with separate compartments for all your bowling gear and equipment. But since the market is filled with a lot of bags, it could be quite confusing and time-consuming to choose the right bowling bag that could fulfill your needs.

And in this article, we’ll assist you in finding the perfect bowling bag that will suit all your requirements. Read through the article completely and choose the bag that you think will help you all your gear.

Best Double Ball Bowling Bag Reviews

Best Two Ball Bowling Bags Comparison

1. Pyramid Path Double Tote Plus Clear Top Bowling Bag

Available in other colors (Click to see)

Product Highlights:

Comes with dual zippers;
Expandable shoe compartment allows you to stow US men’s 15 size shoes easily;
Comfortable two ball bowling bag;
Comes with a padded ball divider to safely store two of your bowling balls;
Included with a 2-year full warranty;
Also comes attached with a deluxe bag tag.

Comfortable & Easy to Carry Double Tote Bowling bag;
Constructed using high-quality 600D and 840D fabric material;
Comes in 8 different colors to choose from.

Fitting two bowling balls along with your shoes makes the bag cramped for room.

The Pyramid Path Double Tote Plus Clear Top Bowling Bag is another great addition in our list and also one of the few bags that impressed us with its quality material and ease of use.

The Double Tote Plus is the latest release from the house of Pyramid bowling, and the bowling bag is offered at some pretty decent price. And the best thing about this bag is that the design of the bag is completely designed and conceptualized by bowling professionals keeping in mind the day to day requirements of other bowlers.

Hence the bowling bag attempts to fulfill each and every requirement of a bowler in keeping all his bowling gear safe and secure.

The bowling bag comes with a strong padded ball divider to easily store two of your bowling balls in one bag. And the bag is constructed using high-quality 600 Denier and 840 Denier fabric construction with heavy duty stitching.

The embroidered logos add to the beauty of the bowling bag along with attractive accent colors and gold piping.

You can also stow your men’s shoes up to a size of 15 in a separate compartment. The bag comes with everything you need to store all your bowling gear and take it wherever you go easily.

The top of the bowling bag comes with a clear and transparent design with Pyramid Path brand name, and the shoulder straps are padded and come with a non-slip design for added comfort.

The bowling bag is also dual-zippered to provide easy and comfortable access to the bag.

The double Tote Bowling bags come in 8 attractive colors including: Lime, Orange, Hot Pink, Royal Blue/Silver, Black, Silver, Black/Gold/Grey, and Blue.

The padded nylon handles don’t put too much strain on your shoulders while you carry it.

2. Hammer Premium Deluxe Double Tote Bowling Bag

Available in other colors (Click to see)

Product Highlights:

Comfortable 2-ball storage bowling bag;
Separate pouch to stow men’s 15 size shoes;
Store all your accessories with ease in separate pouches;
Removable non-slip padded shoulder straps;
Highly durable and heavy-duty design;
Welded steel hardware.

Separate compartment to stow your shoes on top of the bag;
Three separate large pouches to store all your accessories;
Comes with customized and strong hammer design zippers;
Comes in 2 different colors (Black/Orange, Black/Carbon).

The bag is a bit heavy and a lot heavier with all your bowling gear.

The Hammer Premium Deluxe Double tote bag is designed exclusively to meet the requirements of bowlers and make their life comfortable in carrying all their bowling gear with ease and comfort.

The Deluxe double tote bag comes with strong and sturdy padded carry handles and shoulder straps to reduce the strain when carrying the bag.

The bowling bag also features three separate pouches to easily store all your accessories including your wallets, keys, mobile phone, towels, and gloves separately in each pouch.

A separate compartment is provided on the top to store your shoes.

Made using 600D/840D high-quality materials, you never need to worry about any kind of scratches or scrapes while traveling.

3. BSI Pro Double Ball Tote Bag

Product Highlights:

Heavily padded design to secure all your bowling equipment;
Separate compartment to hold men’s size 18 shoes;
Strong and sturdy reinforced shoulder handles.

Comfortable & Easy to Carry Double Ball Tote bag;
Can easily hold 2 16 pound bowling bags along with your shoes;
Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Shoulder straps keep sliding down and cannot hold longer.

If you do have some strong shoulders enough to carry a bag with a couple of your bowling balls and all your bowling gear and equipment, then you can go for the BSI Pro Double Tote bag.

The bag is exclusively designed with enough space to pack all your gear you need to prove yourself out on the lanes.

Each and every compartment are heavily padded to safeguard all your bowling gear. There is also a separate compartment to store men’s size 18 shoes comfortably.

The handles are reinforced to withstand the daily wear and tear and provide a longer lifetime. The shoulder straps can be adjusted to your comfort and are also removable.

4. KR Cruiser Smooth Double Roller Bowling Bag

Product Highlights:

A separate compartment on the top to shore two pairs of shoes;
Comes with a large pocket on the side to store all your accessories;
Retractable handle that can extend up to 36 inches;
4.5 inch urethane wheels make for an easy transportation;
Can comfortable hold 2 bowling balls.

Made using high-quality 600D fabric;
Comes in many different attractive colors combinations;
Also, come included with a 5-year limited warranty.

Zippers are not of the greatest quality.

The Cruiser Smooth Double Roller Bowling Bag from KR Striking Force is one of my favorite 2 ball roller bowling bag that comes with urethane wheels to carry along easily.

The bowling bag comes with a separate compartment to stow your shoes, and there is also a large pouch provided on the side to store all your accessories including your wallet, keys, wrist support for bowling, towels, and mobile phones easily.

Another interesting aspect about this double roller bowling bag is that it comes with a retractable locking handle that allows you to drag the bag along easily.

The bag is specially designed for bowlers who travel a lot, and with 4.5′ urethane wheels, you don’t need the strain of carrying the bag on your shoulders but drag it along comfortably.

5. Hammer Double Bowling Ball Tote

Product Highlights:

Made using heavy duty construction for longer life;
Zippered accessory pouch;
Heavily padded shoulder strap;
Separate shoe compartment;
Comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Reinforced stitching provides added durability;
Non-slip padding shoulder straps that are removable too.

Storage space is not too spacious.

Carrying all your bowling gear and your bowling ball has never been so easy when you have the Hammer Double Bowling Ball at your disposal.

The ball is exclusively designed to easily carry a single bowling ball and also comes with a separate shoe compartment to carry mens 15 size shoes comfortably. With a separate shoe compartment in place, you never need to worry about any damages made to your coolest bowling shoes.

Even all your bowling gear are safely protected from all kinds of damages that can be caused during hauling and transportation.

One of the important features about the bowling bag is that it comes with a padded handles and shoulder straps that are removable too.


If you are looking to purchase the best bowling bag, then our selection of the Top 5 best two ball bowling bags would have provided you with ample information about some of the best bowling bags in the market.

Before choosing your bowling bag always make sure what accessories you will be carrying inside the bag and choose a bowling bag accordingly. Choosing a bowling bag that will suit all your requirement may take a lot of time to search among hundreds of bowling bags available in the market.

And this is where we hope that our selection of the best 2 ball bowling bags would help you in choosing a bowling bag that helps you to store your bowling balls and all your bowling gear and other accessories comfortably.

Please provide your valuable comments and suggestions in the feedback section below, and we will be happy to respond at the earliest.

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