5 Best Bowling Wrist Support & Wrist Brace Reviews

What makes bowling so exciting? Is it that adrenaline rush that flows through your veins whenever you score? Is it the exhilarating feeling of winning? Or is it the fact that you can exercise both your arms and your whole body while having a good time? Whatever motivates you, I guess we can all agree that all of the aforementioned has a hand in making this game fun and worthwhile.

As fun as this game can be, learning the right bowling techniques is often overlooked, which can lead to injuries or wrist pain. In order to avoid that, beginners have to learn few bowling basics like how to hold the ball with straightened wrists or when should they let go of it for a perfect throw.

That can be hard to master at first, and having strained wrists is inevitable. This is why investing in protective gear like the best bowling wrist support, bowling wrist positioner, or best wrist brace for bowling can be a smart move to avoid any potential wrist injury. Choosing the right protective equipment is just as important as selecting the right bowling ball.

Another category of players who will need to use top rated bowling wrist supports, bowling hand braces, wrist braces, or bowling wrist guards are bowlers with Carpal Tunnel syndrome, sprain, wrist pain, swelling, wrist joint dislocation, and other different wrist injuries.

Wrist braces are available in various sizes, designs as well as varying costs. So before hitting the purchase button on the first product, you encounter, take your time to do some research. And we’re here to help you with our best bowling wrist support reviews in 2020.

What is the Best Bowling Wrist Support Braces? – Our Picks

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1. Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner


Comfortable and durable wrist support
Adjustable Velcro straps
High level of ventilation
Better performance
Breathable fabric

Metal supports can bend if not placed properly
Can be heavy compared to other bowling hand braces

KoolKontrol is one of the best bowling wrist support braces. The uniqueness of its fabric and construction is probably one of the main reasons behind this brand’s popularity. It allows the sweat to quickly evaporate, hence keeping your hands dry and lets you play more comfortably and consistently. Not to mention that this special fabric is not just soft but also very durable.

This bowling wrist positioner is designed for maximum efficiency and consistency since it will keep your wrist in place throughout the ball’s release. This is guaranteed thanks to the metal support inserts implemented in it. They provide you with enhanced accuracy and with the perfect stability to land your balls with much ease and comfort.

This positioner’s robust design also guarantees safe swings and deliveries and minimum exposure to injuries with your hand being in the right position for proper release angles. Injuries are still possible though if you tilt or let go of the bowling ball a little too soon before the delivery, so be careful.

Another interesting feature this bowling wrist brace has is the 3 Velcro straps that can be easily adjusted and removed. This means that you can get it to perfectly fit your hand.

This is certainly one of the best bowling wrist supports offered in the market. Getting one will definitely help you step up your game, be more confident, and perform better on lanes.

2. Mongoose Optimum Bowling Wrist Band Support Brace


Highly adjustable
Perfect for beginners
Comfortable and durable construction
Great for weak wrists and pain relief
Timely thumb release for perfect strikes

Velcro wrist straps may pop open when they get old

While Kool Kontrol is the more popular wrist brace, Mongoose Optimum is the best bowling wrist support in terms of ratings in stores. This might be thanks to its sophisticated design that fits your wrist and hand to a T after taking their shape in a short time span.

The Optimum model is combined with two earlier Mongoose models, the Lifter and the Equalizer. It basically consists of wrist support plus finger support inspired by the ‘Lifter’ model, which maximizes both consistency and stability with the option of removing the finger support at will.

This build ensures a safe and fluid game as it is designed to provide the best wrist support for steady rolls and just the proper finger support for better lifts. So, we can confidently inform you that wrist and finger injuries are no longer a problem.

It’s no wonder both professional players and beginners love this model. Even the most elite of bowlers rely on Mongoose Optimum for anchoring their wrists and for pain relief, and many turn to this bowling glove for wrist support after taking long breaks from the game. As a matter of fact, Optimum may be the best bowling wrist support for weak wrists and players who suffer from certain hand injuries.

Beginners also benefit from this model as it can be an excellent training aid for them thanks to its unique build that secures a proper thumb release. It also gets the fingers to do the work assuring more accuracy, and more pins knocked down.

3. Brunswick Bionic Wrist Positioner


Strong ball rolls and high shot accuracy
Great for wrist pain problems and injuries
Very durable, lightweight and comfortable
Highly adjustable and available in different sizes


Challenging hook system with the hook straps over the wrist and fingers
It takes some time to readjust it and to get used to it

Brunswick Bionic Wrist Positioner provides its users with extended support that doesn’t just support your wrist but also your fingers. The construction of this wrist positioner is aluminum-based, which explains its high durability and lightness, all while staying comfortable to wear.

This model is also known for its high adjustability as you can adjust it to fit different wrist cups and lateral positions while you still have it on. This makes it perfect for bowlers who suffer from wrist pain or from certain conditions like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome for this brace is sure to help them bowl painlessly.

It’s also highly recommended for beginners thanks to its amazing build that allows you to serve powerful ball rolls and improve your bowling average and scores.

Brunswick Bionic Wrist Positioner is arguably one of the best bowling wrist supports you can find on the market. It definitely deserves its spot on our Top 5 Best Bowling Wrist Supports.

4. Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support Brace


Great hand positioning with extra wrist lift
Comfortable, breathable and lightweight
Easily adjusted and highly durable
Perfect for beginners
Improved accuracy
Elegant design

Warms up after multiple games leading to excessive sweating and compromising the grip over the ball
Velcro straps become loose with time

Storm Xtra-Hook is the best bowling wrist support for hook. It’s a powerful wrist support with an extended index finger granting you the ability to increase the ball’s axis rotation. It also ensures proper wrist and hand positioning with an additional lift for the wrist. This model not only looks good, but its smooth texture makes it extremely comfortable, and the lightweight fabric makes it breathable.

Storm Xtra-Hook also comes with adjustable Velcro straps allowing easy and fast removal of the hand band for you to feel free spare shooting with bare hands.

Another strong point worth noting is its outstanding durability thanks to the high-quality of its material. However, it might reduce the feel of the ball in your grasp. This might affect how you throw the bowling ball, but it can come to your advantage if you are a striker with a penchant for accuracy. In that case, this bowling glove will become your best friend.

Lastly, this bowling glove is one of the more affordable choices in store, and it’s both available in medium and large sizes. It’s a must-have for bowlers looking to hone their skills and improve their game by focusing on consistency and strengthening their grip. If you’re looking for the best bowling wrist support and you’re on a budget, this one is for you.

5. Brunswick Shot Repeater X Wrist Support for Bowlers


Ensures proper wrist position
Breathable and absorbs sweat
Highly Adjustable

No XXL size

This is the second Brunswick product on our list, and it’s equally no short of amazing. In bowling, consistency is key. This is how you conquer the game, and this game’s ‘repetitive’ characteristic is what inspired this wrist band name: Shot Repeater. This model’s ingenious design promotes a proper wrist position and fixes your wrist and hand position to the same place one shot after the other. Simply put, this is the best bowling wrist support in terms of consistency.

Unlike Brunswick Bionic model that’s made of aluminum, Shot Repeater X is solely made of fabric, which makes it highly breathable and great for moisture absorption. It’s also lightweight and very comfortable, and like Bionic, it ensures players with wrist problems and those who suffer from certain injuries can get to enjoy the game painlessly. It can be easily adjusted as it’s equipped with Velcro straps like many other wrist supports we have mentioned before in this list.

So, if you’re going for successive strikes and you aspire to achieve a perfect score, Shot Repeater is the best bowling wrist support for you. This perfectly explains why this wrist brace ranks so high as one of the best bowling wrist support in the industry.

How to Choose the Best Bowling Wrist Support

Many people would prefer bowling with their bare hands and not bother with wrist braces. And while this is perfectly fine, choosing to opt for the top bowling wrist support might turn out to be a game-changer for most bowlers.

When to Use a Bowling Wrist Brace?

Consequently, picking the best bowling wrist support is important and needs a thorough study of the different models offered in stores and their varied characteristics.

Let’s go through a list of some of the key features to focus on:


The material used for the fabrication of wrist bands varies from one band to the other. The most commonly used materials are Nylon and Leather, and while Nylon is the more flexible option, Leather is more durable. Make sure your wrist brace of choice is also made of a resistant material like Neoprene.

If you are a beginner, check if the hand band has a metal or plastic plating as they will help you keep a proper wrist position and correct your bad release habits.


Elegance and style aside, many other factors contribute to picking one design over the other. One of them is the additional thumb protection.

Thumb and finger support gloves shield your fingers and protect them from possible injuries like severing your thumb with blisters, but, on the counterpart, they lack ventilation compared to the other wrist bands and can cause excessive sweating. Tight wrist supports have a similar effect, and that can lead to a compromise of your control over the ball. Bulky and heavy wrist supports are also to be avoided as they can limit your wrist’s movement.

Comfort and Breathability

This is the most crucial feature to focus on. If you’re not feeling comfortable wearing the glove, it won’t just bust your game up, but it might even aggravate any medical wrist or hand complications you have. So, when picking a wrist brace, the first thing to check is that it’s comfortable for you and that it fits you perfectly and feels natural when you put it on.

Another thing to check is the glove’s level of ventilation. When playing for long, there’s no way around ending up with sweaty hands. Therefore, your bowling wrist band has to ensure your hands stay dry with a breathable fabric and good absorption capacity or with enough openings to let the air circulate freely.

Left or Right-Handed

Some brands manufacture exclusively right-handed models while some others also offer left-handed ones. If you are left-handed, make sure the model you want is also available for lefties.


Most players who resort to buying a wrist support as beginners are looking for something to help them maintain their hand and wrist stability as it’s one of the most core aspects of the game, and it’s also the source of many new players’ frustration.

The best models to achieve that end are the ones that come with metal plating like Kool Kontrol. They provide the extra support beginners need to make balanced and stable throws and take their game one level higher. As for pro players who don’t struggle with this, they can go for any type of wrist brace they like.


The best bowling wrist support must be as durable as it is comfortable. There are two factors to be aware of to assess the product’s durability: the quality of the material it is made of and the type of material used.

High-quality materials are more assured by well-known and reputable brands and tends to be more durable, as aluminum-based wrist supports are naturally longer-lasting than their full fabric made counterparts.

Effective Release

Different models promote different release modes. Wrist supports with an adjustment option will ensure you exit your thumb before your other fingers during the bowling ball release. This will allow for a ball axis rotation, hence increasing your revs. Other models will get you to leave your thumb and fingers at the same time, which would lead to a longer skidding motion.

Final Thoughts

Having the best bowling wrist support can help you a lot, no matter your skill level. Whether you want to increase your rev-rates or to support a weak wrist, finding the best bowling wrist support will make your bowling experience much more gratifying.

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