Storm Timeless Bowling Ball Review

Are you an advanced, skillful, professional bowler who needs a bowling ball for hook throws? If yes, then we’ve got you a reliable ball of 12 pounds that’s capable to strike a pocket with 1-3 and 1-2, depending on your favorite side.

This is a Storm Timeless Bowling Ball Review that provides you with the long-term and accuracy that you desire. It has the combined features of the solid and pearl coverstock. In fact, it’s reliably strong enough that bowlers get balanced with it even while playing it.

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​Storm Timeless Bowling Ball




Product Line


Level / Performance


Lane Condition

Medium - Heavy



Weights Available

12 - 16 lb

Core Type


Core Name

Modified Centripetal 

Coverstock Type

Hybrid Reactive

Coverstock Name

R2S Hybrid

Radius of Gyration (RG)

2.65 *


0.035 *

Flare Potential

High *

Hook Potential


Factory Finish

1500 Grit Polished

Finish Type



1 Year

Release Date


* Note: Core Specifications are for a 12 lb bowling ball

The internal weight, on the other hand, is so palatable for an experienced bowler to enjoy making hooks with. If you’re a newbie, you probably may not understand the effect of the internal weight. The heavy internal weight that this possesses is as the result of its high performance. So, this is not advisable for newbies to make use of, especially in straight throws.

Notwithstanding, you can still procure it for future demands. The Storm Bowling Balls provides you with an undrilled ball. Of course, this is a product that you can definitely drill by yourself or take it to the nearest pro shop.

Furthermore, this is a product that you don’t need to contemplate whether it would be perfect for you or not. The Storm Products, Inc. conjoined interest with Jason Belmonte, 3 times winner of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA). Both entities were propelled due to their love for the making of quality products. And guess what? They’ve got you this to make use of while bowling.

As a result of this, many a person have been raving their support and commendation about the quality of the ball while Jason, on the other hand, enjoys a lot of appreciations for giving back to the society. It’s such an experience that every prospective world-class player should be eager to try out.

Storm Timeless Bowling Ball Review – 5 Major Features

1. RSB Hybrid Reactive Coverstock

Just as we mentioned earlier, this product comprises the benefits of solid and pearl type of coverstock. Balls with solid reactive coverstocks are already known to be discreet in the reading of lanes. In fact, it (this bowling ball) revs don’t get deteriorated while it’s on the mid-lane due to its strength and rough surface. This also makes it very usable on heavy oil lanes.

Meanwhile, the pearl reactive coverstock, on the other hand, is known for its high revving power. The combination of this enhances the readability and predictability of the ball in hitting high accuracy in the pockets. The futuristic of the solid reactive coverstock makes it maintain a constant amount of force even when the friction is high.

2. Dual-Drive Symmetric Core

This dual-drive core is the weight block that’s in the weight block of the bowling ball. That means that this product has two weight blocks in its core. The effect of this is to make asymmetric bowling ball to have equal quality as symmetric, how? Of course, this doesn’t come being already drilled but buyers can equally drill it and this won’t dwindle its reaction while it’s on the lane.

I hope you’re aware that symmetric bowling balls can possess some asymmetric ball’s feature when they are drilled. However, even when it’s drilled, it won’t lose most of it symmetric features.

Furthermore, finding the positive axis for this is so easy due to the absence of mica. The fact that it’s mostly used for hooks and it possesses these features, make it highly reliable for tournaments.

Apart from that, it’s highly controllable and it’s smooth for advanced players to make use of. This product can be found in 12lbs, 14lbs, 15lbs, 16lbs series.

3. World-Class Design

If you’re contemplating which weight is best for you as a starter? Then, we recommend this for you. This is a bowling ball that has a weight of 12 pounds. It’s of no equal when it comes to attaining maximal result.

This product even comprises of aromatherapy. A smell that’s best for every part of every game. It’s a ball that is finished with a polished 1500 grit Abralon. The significance of the coating is to ensure that the ball is capable to handle a large quantity of oil in the lane (mid-lane) and give “symmetric” hooks at the end of the pattern.

4. Performance

This is the sphere bowling ball that you don’t have to set on release with maximum effort. However, soft release and the hybrid reactive coverstock will rev at the front of the mid-lane with a splendid reaction at the backend.

It hooks easily on dry to medium lanes, but it’s highly perfect for medium to heavy lanes.

5. Signee: Jason Belmonte

This is one of the best product emerging from Timeless Ltd. The company teamed up with the three times PBA star Jason Belmonte to proffer solution lack of speed and durable qualities that most bowling balls possess.

Jason was the star that popularized the use of both hands in bowling/releasing of balls on lanes. As an experienced player who has won several awards, it was so easy to see bowlers’ point of view in the making of a bowling ball that would augment their games. You can just purchase this and find out for yourself.

Why Should You Use Storm Timeless Bowling Ball?

Quality Product

This is a highly performing bowling ball. It has two weight blocks in it that makes it rugged in movement in order to give accurate results.

If You want to keep Your bowling balls in good shape, don't forget to get the best bowling bags.


For hooks? Of course, yes! It strikes so well in heavily hitting the pins in the pockets. Nevertheless, everything still boils down to your dexterity in the game.


The fact that this comes undrilled makes it unique, you know why? In bowling games, every pin on a ball is unique to the player. In other words, another player’s pin might not work for you. So, get this and drill it to your own taste.


What kind of lanes do you intend to use it for, dry/lubricated? This can just do it for you distinctively. Though it’s advisable for players to use it for medium-heavy oil FCC lanes.


The weight that we selected for you is quite unique as you can start from this. Of course, it’s heavy, but it would still work well as predicted.

Things We Like

  • This has two weight blocks in its cores;
  • The delivery of this product is undrilled;
  • It’s highly functional and dependable;
  • reat ball performance with lower hook potential;
  • This is a product that’s being approved by the world-famous Jason Belmonte;
  • This product weighs 12 pounds only;
  • It has one of the best designs;
  • It has fragrance smells on it that soothes every bowler to the game.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Quite heavy;
  • It can only be played by advanced bowlers.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the manufacturer of this product?
A: Storm Products, Inc.

Q: Why can’t beginners start with this product?
A: It’s weighty and makes hooks. So, it can be very difficult and devastating.

Q: Can I order for those that are of more weight than this?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: What is the period of the warranty?
A: This comes with 2 years warranty.

Q: How would the driller know the best pin for me?
A: He should know the best one for you. Just explain how your game has been with other drilled balls.

Final Verdict

The review has explained the significance of this product. It provided solutions to the hassle of finding a medium for performing bowling balls. It enumerated the features and gave the cues on using it.

One of the significant features that this possesses is its capability to rev on mid-lanes and perfectly give a nice strike at the pocket. Nevertheless, we hope how amiable readers can distinctly use this information to make the right purchase.

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