Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick Tzone Bowling Ball throws your arsenal to new heights with the whole shooting match. The TZONE Bowling Ball comes with resplendent colors, superior durability, and high precision for all levels bowler expertise. More information and comparisons you can read in our best bowling ball reviews.

Level / PerformancePolyester / Accurate
ColorDeep Space
Core TypeSymmetric
Coverstock TypePolyester
Radius of Gyration (RG)2.715 *
Flare PotentialLow *
Factory FinishCrown Factory Shine
Warranty1 Year
Product LineTZone
Lane ConditionDry
Weights Available6, 8 – 16 lb
Core NameTZone Bullet
Coverstock NamePolyester
Differential0.019 *
Hook PotentialLow
Finish TypePolished
Release Date07.01.2015

Note: Core Specifications are for a 15 lb bowling ball

TZone bowling ball colors (Click to see)

The tripartite-piece polyester will steal the limelight along the lanes. The classic standard polyester bowling ball offers easy picking for beginners to get rolling while making a perfect spare gear for advanced bowlers as it helps get rid of lane conditions. Here you can read more on How to pick a bowling ball for begginers.

Bowling ball weight and structural versatility means you can have finger holes drilled to excellently meet your grip. The Brunswick TZONE™ Bowling Ball packs a constellation of stars for a whole new ball game to destroy pins.

Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball Review – 5 Main Features

1. Polyester Coverstock

This Brunswick bowling ball consists of a core enveloped by a coverstock. The TZONE™ Ball handpicked high-end polyester for this amateur product to craft the coverstock for efficient on-lane performance at the highest level of play.

The material provides a lightweight, higher density, structurally sound and impact-resistant surface. Additionally, the low density mass encased by ultra-rigid outer layer renders higher impact resistance required by bowlers.

Its weight block remains closer to the outer shell to maintain the overall structural integrity. It lopes to create enhanced gyroscopic steering while it rolls down the lane without wobbling. A ball susceptible to extreme wobbling makes it difficult to control or garner scores.

2. Symmetric Core

The use of a symmetrical core offers the TZONE™ with the most excellent torque and roll properties to give advantage to bowlers. The newly improved bullet core boasts a weight block array for a spin which produces more torque with a sharp hook deep in the roll.

Brunswick Tzone 6-8 lbs Bowling Ball Core Construction
Brunswick Tzone 6-8 lbs Bowling Ball Core Construction
Brunswick Tzone 9-11 lbs Bowling Ball Core Construction
Brunswick Tzone 9-11 lbs Bowling Ball Core Construction
Brunswick Tzone Bullet 12-16 lbs Bowling Ball Core Construction
Brunswick Tzone Bullet 12-16 lbs Bowling Ball Core Construction

A bowling ball with a symmetric core also maintains a straight trajectory for the first portions of the roll. Increased weight density of the bowling ball on the spin axis reduces the momentum of inertia for precession and better hooking of the trajectory.

Structural stability down the lane ensures consistently high scores for bowlers who have got the game down to a fine art.

3. Smooth & Straight Reaction

Straight ball bowling doesn’t require you to carve out hooks and curves with rolls. The TZONE™ Bowling Ball provides controlled departure from a relatively straight-line trajectory downhill.

You can control the ball’s trajectory to glide towards the targets in a smooth, sharply straight line. It has a perfect radius of gyration, stable motion which reduces skid and delays for better action and play as it spins down the lane.

For bowlers, the angle at which the ball hits the head pin plays an instrumental role. The ball will consistently follow a curve if it approaches the targets with fine-tuned speed.

4. Lane Conditions

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball Review

TZONE Bowling Ball performs best under dry lanes, low oil volumes and spare shooting. A cluster of factors affect the position or direction of the bowling-ball when you strike the pins. The ball’s spinning speed, frictional properties, rotational axle, angle of delivery, and velocity affect its motion down the lane.

The TZONE™ has the perfect diameter and coverstock for a straight path. You can accurately predict its behavior and the path when thrown down a lane under recommended conditions.

The ball’s surface coarseness, the oil absorption rate, and radius of gyration enable you to predict the pathway with pinpoint accuracy.

5. Low Hooking Accuracy

The TZONE™ offers low X-Factor hook potential making it an ideal spare bowling ball or a double whammy on severely dry conditions. Inherent hooking near the edge of the lane in front of the targets once thrown with a spin means you hold all the cards against competitors.

It has considerable hooking performance without destructible structures or shortened lifespan. It provides better on-lane and smooth straight lines for a beginner’s ball. Read more about How to throw a bowling ball.

The TZONE™ allows you to hook more strongly than balls in this price range to garner good scores. The bowling-ball will travel in a predictable pattern along the lane to ensure optimum scoring.


Ideal for dry lanes, low oil surfaces, and for spare shooting for advanced bowlers;
Smooth and straight hook reactivity;
Coverstock made from polyester improves stability while preventing wobbling;
Improved gyroscopic effect for a sharp break at the back end of the lane;
High reaction shape strength to garner higher scores;
Polished and long-lasting gloss finish with vibrant colors;
Perfect for beginners and advanced bowlers angling for spares.

Low-hooking potential;
Lacks finger holes, you’ll have to have it drilled.

Why should you use Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball?

All Levels of Mastery

The classic standard polyester bowling ball offers an ideal option for beginners to hit the ground running. It has a perfect coverstock for coefficient friction and speed down the lane. Advanced bowlers have developed a taste for this spare ball in picking pesky spares.

Polyester Coverstock

The TZONE™ comes with a core encased by a polyester coverstock. Richly-filled coverstock material sitting between the core and the outer shell helps curb cracking during use.

The entire structure made from a dense material improves stability and minimizes the momentum of inertia to prevent it from lurching as it travels down the lane.

Ball Stability

A stable ball spins without wobbling to allow better control down the lane for easier scoring. The bowling ball produces enhanced gyroscopic steering and rotates without excessive wobble. It prohibits excessive loping in the spins for a sharp break in the ball at the back end of the lane.

Hook Reactivity

The bowling ball breaks sharply leaving a hook in its pathway. Excellent hooking at the back end of the lane promotes maximum ball control while increasing the kinetic energy. However, it lacks high hook potential needed in higher levels of play. Versions with high numbers have the straightest lines.

Refined & Long-lasting Gloss Ball Finish

TZONE™ boasts a surface of upscale, indelible gloss with the ability to repel dirt, resist chipping and retain hardiness to ensure it does not mark the alley used. The anti-brittle and resilient surface can resist extremely severe impacts with a perfect mix of vibrant colors. Of course it should be regularly maintained with good bawling ball cleaners. Also it’s advisable to store and transport them properly using best single ball rolling bowling bag.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Does it include predetermined finger holes?

On Amazon you can find both versions pre-drilled and un-drilled. To mention that a brand new ball lacks holes.

Is it a perfect picking for dry lanes? I don’t want it to hook too early?

It’s not a hooking but a spare ball as it travels straight.

Can I decide the holes size for the ball?

The best and correct way will be to visit a pro shop. There you will be measured and the ball holes will be drilled according to your hands.

Will this ball give me the curve I want for a primary ball that really hooks for a 14 lb ball?

It lacks properties for inherent hooking performance.

How much weight does it lose after drilling?

Negligible, you’ll barely feel it.

Final Verdict

Like other Brunswick balls the Tzone Bowling Ball tops off your game and allows you to try a different tack in high spirits. A polyester coverstock surrounding the dense bullet core renders enhanced gyroscopic effect, stability and a straight trajectory.

Due to its low hook potential, the TZONE™ fills the bill for a spare ball or extremely dry lanes. Bowling balls with higher numbers provide the straightest pathways.

Higher numbers have a stronger reaction shape and pinpoint-precision. The name “Deep Space” hits the nail on the head as the purple, blue and gold colors depict the entire universe in your hands.

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