Top 5 Best Single Ball Bowling Bags with Wheels Review & Comparison

Looking for the Best rolling bowling ball bags? Not sure which single ball bowling bags with wheels to choose?

You’ve reached the right place. Whether you are a beginner are an expert, it is always difficult to choose the right bowling bag to carry your awesome bowling balls along with all your gear.

We’ve analysed the available products on the market to help you pick the best bowling bag that will fit your needs perfectly.

Best Single Ball Rolling Bowling Bags Comparison

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When you find a bag that is equipped with wheels, then it becomes much easier to haul it wherever you go. These bags are specially created to hold a single bowling ball along with all other stuff to make your travel easy. And these bags are provided with separate compartments to accommodate your bowling gear and ball safely.

But when you start looking for the best single ball bowling bags with wheels, you’ll be literally confused at the number of bags available in the market.

It would seem a time-consuming task to look into the features of each and every bag and choose a bag that suits your requirements.

And this why we’ve came up with this article, that will help you choose the single ball roller bowling bag. Please read through the entire article to see our top 5 best bowling bags with wheels and choose the one that you think will suit you.

Best Single Ball Bowling Bag on Wheels Reviews

Best Single Ball Bowling Bags with Wheels Comparison

1. BSI Single Ball Roller Bowling Bag

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Product Highlights:
Personal organizer pocket;
Padded Ball Compartment;
Separate Shoe Compartment;
Zippered end pockets;
Durable design;
Extremely stylish;
Easy to move and carry;
Includes good accessory compartments;
Smooth Rolling Wheels;
No-Slip, Detachable Shoulder Strap;
Heavy Duty Metal Hardware.
Smooth Rolling Wheels;
Retractable Square tubular handling for easy use;
Comes with strong and sturdy metal hardware that safeguards all your bowling; gear from damages during travel.
Collapsing doesn’t lock easily and as a result collapses quickly sometimes.

The BSI One Ball Roller Bowling Bag is one of the best single bowling ball bag with wheels and comes with a very pleasing design.

The bag is not too bulky or small and comes in the right size with enough compartments to store all your bowling gear along with your bowling bag.

You can also see a separate shoe compartment on top to store your shoes separately from your gear. Most of the bowling bags come with separate compartments for shoes as you don’t want your wet shoes mixed up with other bowling gear.

The BSI Single ball bowling bag also comes with a personal organizer pocket to store your personal organizer separately and safely. The compartment provided to store your bowling ball is perfectly padded to keep your ball safe and secure.

The bag is equipped with strong and sturdy zippers to withstand the wear and tear of daily usage. Is also made with high quality materials that can partner with you for many bowling sessions and many seasons.

The bag is specially designed to look stylish and elegant that no one may know that you are carrying a blowing bag. The bag is designed to easily haul around your bowling gear anywhere with ease.

And, is also provided with compartments to store all your bowling gears including your gloves, bottles, wallets etc.

The bag is also a little overly expensive and while it is one of the most trusted and best brands you could find, you might have some problems with a few of the smaller shortages. This bag is certainly recommended to the smaller individuals, but it does have a professional price. I have also seen this bag to be effective when traveling for bowling purposes.

2. Moxy Single Deluxe Roller Bowling Bag

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Product Highlights:
Made using high quality 600 Denier fabric material;
Comes equipped with adjustable shoulder straps that are comfortably padded too;
Comes with a separate side shoe compartment that can hold shoes up to mens 15 size;
Comes with a large pocket in the front side to store all your accessories;
Foam insert to protect your bowling ball all the time.
Strong and sturdy zippers;
Made using high quality 600D materials to provide a longer lifetime;
Comes with an exclusive 5 year manufacturer warranty.
Handle could have been made a bit longer.

Moxy Single Deluxe Roller Bowling bag is another perfect bag that helps you to carry all your bowling gear and ball easily and comfortably wherever you go. With the Moxy Single bowling bag at your disposal, you can always carry your own bowling ball everywhere.

The bag is stylish and elegant and comes with a side compartment separately provided to hold your bowling shoes safely.

And the compartment can easily hold up to men’s shoes up to 15 inch shoes. The bowling ball compartment is padded with high quality foam to protect your ball from all kinds of damages during transit.

And there is also a large pouch provided on the front that can store all your accessories including your bowling ball, bowling shoes, gloves, towel and other accessories comfortably.

The bowling bag comes with an exclusive 5 year manufacturer warranty and the bag is also available at an affordable price when compared to the features it offers.

Some of the other features include easy to use retractable square handle that locks coordinately and can extend up to 39 inches to enable you to easily drag along the bag.

The bag also comes equipped with a handle on the bottom to lift your quickly while loading in the back of your vehicle. The retractable handle also can assist you in lifting the bag quickly when it is locked state.

The bag comes with a pretty much lightweight design and allows you to easily handle the bag. And there are also a couple of tote handle provided apart from the retractable square handles so that if there is less weight you don’t need to drag the bag always. The bag is also provided with sturdy zippers that can withstand the wear and tear of daily usage.

3. Storm Rascal 1 Ball Roller Bowling Bag

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Product Highlights:
Made using 400 Denier Polyvinyl Fabric materials;
Built to last;
Stylish and sleek design;
Comes with telescopic handle for comfortable handling;
1-Year Limited Warranty.
The bag can be comfortably rolled even on ice and snow;
Generous compartments;
Perfect for 1 ball.
Little bit bulky than expected.

This Storm bowling ball bag is the next best bowling bag for single ball with wheels that comes with a lot of features that will make any bowler happy. And the interesting aspect about the bag is that doesn’t tip over anytime and can stand upright.

The bag is equipped with a lot of storage space as you can notice 2 small accessory compartments provided to store all your bowling gear including gloves, towel, wallets, mobile phones, wristband, keys and many smaller items too.

The bag also features a large compartment that can easily hold on your towels and other bowling gear that can’t fit into the smaller accessory compartments.

The rollers are pretty much smooth and easy to handle and are quite long as well when compared to other bowling bags with wheels in the market.

The bag is constructed using high-quality 400D Denier Polyvinyl fabric material that can provide a longer lifetime and can partner you with many bowling seasons.

The storage compartments are comfortably padded with good foam materials to keep all your bowling material safe and secure all the time.

The bag also comes with around 1 year limited warranty. The bag is also available at an affordable price when compared to larger set of features it offers.

4. Columbia 300 Icon Single Roller Bowling Bag Review

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Product Highlights:
Made using high quality 600D fabric material;
Retractable handles can extend up to 44 inches;
Perfect for 1 bowling ball;
Separate shoe compartment to hold mens 15 size shoes;
Comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
Smooth 4 inch EVA Spyder wheels that allows easy rolling;
Side handle provided for easier carrying.
Wheel base is too small when compared with other one ball bowling bags with wheels.

This Columbia 300 Bowling Bag is another excellent choice for bowling fans that can help you haul all the bowling gear along with you wherever you go.

The bag features a separate and large shoe compartment that can easily hold a men’s 15 size shoe. And the bag also comes with zippered pockets on the sides that enable you to carry all your small accessories including your mobile phones, wallets, car keys, gloves, bands etc.

The bag comes with pretty much larger storage space that allows you not to leave any of your bowling gear. The bag is built with a strong and sturdy construction using 600D fabric material.

The bag is also equipped with smooth and sturdy wheels that allows you to drag along the bag easily and comfortably. With the Columbia 300 Icon at your disposal, you are all set for your next tournament.

The retractable square handles can extend long enough up to 44 inches, which is by means the longest extension when compared to all other rolling bowling ball bag.

1. Athletico Bowling Bag for Single Ball

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Product Highlights:
Have all your bowling gear and accessories safely in one place;
The bag features various compartments to organize all your equipment easily;
The bowling bag can easily hold a bowling ball, a pair of men’s shoes, gloves, towel, etc.;
And you can also store all your valuable items like your keys, wallets, and your mobile phones separately in the front pocket;
A separate pocket is provided in the outer to pack your used shoes and not mix them up with other items;
The bag is constructed using high-quality 600D polyester and jacquard weave fabric;
Shoulder straps are padded and adjustable to provide you with the needed flexibility;
Padded shoulder straps don’t induce any kind of stress while carrying the bag on your shoulders;
The bags also feature detachable metal hooks made using high-quality materials;
Lightweight, compact design;
PERFECT for travel by air or car.
Comfortable, Easy to Carry lightweight design;
Made using high quality strong and sturdy 600D polyester materials to provide a longer lifetime and withstand the daily wear and tear;
Comes with tough metal hardware that protects your bowling gear all the time from any kind of damage.
Center pocket opening is too small, and sometimes it takes some time to take your ball out.

The Athletico Bowling bag for a single ball is one of my favorite bowling bags. Indeed, this bag does not have wheels, nevertheless i have decided to put it in this category, because it is specially designed for travel and to help you take all your bowling gear wherever needed with ease.

The bowling bag is made using high-quality 600D polyester material along with jacquard weave fabric to provide a longer life than you could expect.

The bag comes with various compartments specially designed keeping in mind the needs of a bowler.

The compartments are ingeniously placed to store all your bowling gear including your bowling ball, bowling shoes, gloves, towel, and other accessories efficiently.

The bag features a pocket on the outer side that could easily fit in a pair of shoes of men’s size up to 14. There is also a front compartment that can be used to store all your keys, mobile phones, and wallets, etc. And the center pocket in the bowling bag comes with a heavily padded foam ball holder that can hold your bowling ball safely.

The center pocket also features additional cushion to protect your bowling ball from any kind of damages during transit.

The bottom is also made with a sturdy 3mm reinforced high-quality plastic to provide your bag with additional rigidity and safety.

With this Athletic Bowling Bag for a single ball, you can easily carry along all your bowling gear inside a single ball bag with much ease.

The bag is pretty much comfortable and easy to handle and comes with a lightweight design. The bag also features padded Velcro tote handles to easily lock them quickly.

The center pocket also comes with two strong and sturdy zippers.


If you are looking to buy the ideal single ball rolling bowling bag, then our collection of the Top 5 best bowling bags with wheels could give you an ample analysis about a few of the greatest bowling bags on the marketplace in 2019.

Prior to picking your bowling bag constantly be certain what accessories you’ll be carrying in the tote and pick a bowling bag accordingly. Deciding upon a bowling bag which can suit all of your requirements might take a good deal of time to hunt among countless bowling bags available at the moment.

And this is where we expect that our best rolling bowling ball bags reviews will assist you in selecting a bag which will help you in keeping your bowling balls along with all of your bowling equipment and other accessories comfortably.

Please supply your valuable comments and suggestions in the Feedback section below, and we’ll be delighted to answer at the earliest.

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