Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball Review

Straight strikes can be amazing, but enhancing it to hitting the pins at the pocket angularly can be super awesome. Of course, it only takes an excellent bowling ball to make these fantasies distinct.

Beyond any iota of doubt, the best among the new bowling balls releases that you can perfectly loft and hooks you will find in this Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball review. This ball provides you with high flexibility. This is a ball that you can grip even with a wet palm.

BrandColumbia 300
Level / PerformanceEntry
ColorBlack / Blue / Bronze
Core TypeSymmetric
Coverstock TypePearl Reactive
Radius of Gyration (RG)2.550 *
Flare PotentialMedium *
Factory Finish500/2000 Abralon w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Warranty1 Year
Product LineNitrous
Lane ConditionDry – Medium Oil
Weights Available10 – 16 lb
Core NameNitrous
Coverstock NameBoost/R
Differential0.033 *
Hook PotentialHigh
Finish TypePolished
Release Date05.01.2016

Note: Core Specifications are for a 15 lb bowling ball

Available in other colors (Click to see)

Its weight is unique due to the nitrous weight blocks that it’s comprised of. In fact, the nitrous core ensures bowlers of its versatility. This is because it can be used for all kind of dry medium-heavy lanes. It glides so well that even on medium-heavy oil lanes, you’d rarely find its performance dwindling. And, neither does it outer cover wear out so fast.

The outer cover is made of boost/R coverstock a durable material that it’s rigid and highly dependable. Another dazing part of this is that it comes in various colors. This means that customers can purchase this product from four different color variations, I guess that’s quite commendable. Of course! With this, you can absolutely find the type that would complement the looks of your station.

Apart from that, you can still find it in different sizes and weights. In a nutshell, this is a product that is capable of meeting the needs of every potential and advanced bowlers.

There are more to this subject. Find out all the details below.

Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball Review – 5 Major Features

1. Nitrous Core

Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball Core Construction

This is a Columbia 300 bowling ball that has two-piece Nitrous core design in it. The significance of this core is to ensure that ball is highly predictable on lanes. In fact, its revving power is high in spite of the ball’s low-mid performance.

It hooks so well on either of its sides as energy is transferred in the core. It doesn’t flare even though you use it on a dry medium-heavy lane. It’s so lucid on both side that it’s capable to go on any lane including the medium-heavy oil even though it’s best used on dry lanes.

It’s not a drilled ball and gripping it very easy due to its shape and design.

2. Boost/R Coverstock

The boost/R coverstock that this is being made of makes it best for medium to light oil pattern. It’s highly reliable in its revving while using it for this platform/pattern. It doesn’t get worn out so quickly, it’s rigid and it slips so well.

Furthermore, this is a type of Urethane reactive coverstock which is mostly used by bowlers, both new and advanced, in striking pins with hooks. Of course, if you know so well about top urethane bowling balls, you’d agree that it’s highly predictable. In fact, it’s the best coverstock for learning hooks.

3. Ball Design

This is bowling ball weight is 16.8 pounds. However, there are different weights that you can find this product. You can find them in these (weight measurement) sequences: 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16. However, this product, in particular, can be found in the 16 categories.

Also, the four color variation that you can find it is black/silver, black/blue/bronze, red/silver, and purple/pink. The finishes, on the other hand, that’s made on this ball is unique as it’s distinctly polished. It’s polished with 2000 grits Abralon. It’s just great for anyone to make use of.

4. The Brand

The Columbia 300 is globally known to be on of the best bowling ball manufacturer. The company has produced several balls that are doing well in the marketplace. They have distributors all around the world so as to reach the tight corner in the world.

Their products are reliable and their workers are friendly also. Most of their products are easy to use. So, by purchasing this product you can rest assured that making use of it won’t be a hassle. It’s just a brand that you can trust for the purchase of this valuable bowl ball.

5. Ball Versatility

This is a bowling ball that supports all skills. In fact, the fact that you’re accustomed to a particular balance or means of ball-release won’t by any means affect this product. It rather increases your average output.

Also, despite the fact that the recommended pattern for the use of this product is medium to light lanes, yet it can also perform fairly on medium to heavy lanes. Check it out! Products with these features are what winning PROs used for PBA tournaments, you know why? It’s because of its predictability.


This is a product that has a high quality Boost/R coverstock;
It utilizes two-piece Nitrous core;
The bowling ball’s performance is highly predictable;
It can be moved from one place to another with ease;
The recommended pattern for this product is medium to light oiled lanes;


Why Should You Use Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball?

  • Predictability

If there’s one reason that you need to motivate you, then it’s this. You can make distinct angular hooks with this and it’s very easy to master.

  • Durable

This is not made of the plastic reaction coverstock but it has part of its functions. The material that’s used in the production of this product is highly durable. You can rely on it for quality usage.

  • Customer Reviews

This is one of the bowling balls that have high numbers of review with commendations. Many customers have given their thought on the product by awarding it with over 82% positive reviews. Of course, it’s worth trying out.

What others have to say about this ball, Check it out!

  • Easy to Use

It’s very easy to grip. In fact, moving it from one place is quite easy and it can be easily saved. The design also makes it look awesome and easy to make use of it.

  • Reliable

This bowling ball is highly dependable in the delivery of these fantastic features. You don’t have to doubt its qualities, it’s just unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary feature of this product?

It’s used majorly for making hooks with a nice power strike.

Is this a pre-drilled bowling ball?

No, it’s not drilled. But there are also predrilled bowling balls available.

What is the effect of the coverstock?

The coverstock is the outer layer that helps to control the traction on the ball and give the reading of the effort applied to its release.

Can someone tell me how perfect this ball hooks?

It hooks perfectly well. Nevertheless, the output that bowlers get may differ, this is because of the condition of the lane that they may use for it.

Can I get a ball from another seller apart from Amazon?

Amazon is the most reliable medium that you can trust in fast delivery and quality service. But yes, there are other places where you can get your bowling ball. There are specialized Pro Shop, if you like to test your ball in real life before getting it.

Final Verdict

The writer enumerated the benefit of the product and the sole purpose of using it. It has the features of both plastic and resin reactive coverstock. It’s highly dependable in its function as it glides so well.

The combined features make it be very predictable. In a nutshell, it hooks so well that this is one of the the best bowling ball for medium oil to light lanes. It’s very rigid and can be found in several colors. Of course, this is a product that anyone would enjoy to make use of.

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