Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review resonates with bowlers of all hues due to its improved pin striking and lane-tracking qualities. It comes in a sizable spherical core encapsulated by an outer shell with a smooth spherical exterior surface.



Product Line

All Purpose

Level / Performance

Entry level - Affordable

Lane Condition

Dry - Medium


Black Pearl

Weights Available

10 - 16 lb

Core Type


Core Name

Light Bulb

Coverstock Type

Pearl Reactive

Coverstock Name

R-16 Reactive

Radius of Gyration (RG)

2.524 *


0.030 *

Flare Potential

Medium *

Hook Potential


Factory Finish

500 Siaair Crown Factory Shine

Finish Type



1 Year

Release Date


* Note: Core Specifications are for a 15 lb bowling ball

Other available colors:

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Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review 5Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review 6


Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review 7Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review 8


Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review 9Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review 10


Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review 11Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review 12


Brunswick unpacks the whole ball of wax for avid bowlers seeking a bash at their earliest reactive resin bowling ball. It bats a thousand for those seeking gear for lighter to mid-range oil conditions.

The Brunswick Rhino will exert better hooking action needed by the bowler to bring it into the “pocket” of the ten-pin array. It pushes back the boundaries of bowling with improved traction and driving force for superior pin striking falls

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review – 5 Main Features

1. R-16 Reactive Cover Stock

The newly improved R-16 reactive cover stock boasts superior ability to hit the pins with minimal ball deflection on a slippery surface, due to the availability of total output energy. The Brunswick Rhino generates greater overall energy than other balls when thrust with the same starting linear and angular velocities.

Higher total energy output creates efficient ball drive and mixing action once it hits the pocket to knock down the pins.

This cover stock captures Brunswick’s most advanced composition that renders balance between power and ball control. The R-16 formula creates easy length or backend hook motion lacking extreme sensitivity to dry or oily portions of the lane.

2. Filament-Like Core

The Brunswick Rhino has a light bulb inner core packing a punch for more rapid pin fall and higher game scores. The core comes compacted into a specific weight density and balance to offset for loss of mass from thumb and finger holes drilled into the structure.

Brunswick employs a conventional bulb core shape delivering outstanding ball motion and excellent pin action. A denser material for the inner core results in greater reduction in the ball’s moment of inertia.

The high density and solid inner core eliminates the inconveniences faced by a bowler who cannot handle or control a heavy weight ball.

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Core Construction

3. Better Hooking Performance

The Brunswick Rhino provides proper hooking action on fast lanes with dry conditions for upcoming bowlers seeking a pearl beyond price. Versatile ball motion meets a variety of lane conditions with a strong and continuous arcing ball.

Proper bowling delivery provides a definite amount of applied lateral spin to the ball which results in a perfect hooking action.

You can deliver the ball into the pocket of the ten pin set-up at the optimum angle. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball strikes or impacts into the pins like a sledge hammer for improved action and better pin fall and most excellent game scores. You won’t need a whole raft of balls to meet different lane conditions.

4. Convenient Drilling

Have the Rhino drilled with the typical piercing techniques evolved for symmetric balls. At Brunswick, the exotic core shape of all individual balls tips the scales in the neighborhood of 12 to 16 lbs. Lightweight structure engineering provides you with consistent ball reactivity qualities throughout the weight range.

Bowling balls apply a slew of drill patterns for three-hole designs. Depending on your preference, you can drill the finger-hole pattern at an off-center position proportional to the center of gravity to attain a desired impact on the trajectory.

It allows you to gain a considerable degree of tracking or curved trajectory on the ball’s course toward the pins.

5. Dirt-Resistant Polish & Attractive Colors

The Rhino has undergone a number of finishing phases including 500 Siaair, Crown Factory Compound, and Crown Factory Shine. It offers vibrant colors such as black, blue, silver, white, purple and other pearls. Its dazzling surface will not abrade or pick up grime down the lane.

The ball will not leave indelible marks along the bowling alley. Brunswick Rhino provides a ball surface with a shiny lining and dirt-repellent properties or severe impacts.

The ball doesn’t chip or render the structure battered. The materials used offer better impact-resistant and sonic properties for superior hardness. It does not brittle while it offers a full range of colors.

Why should you use Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball?

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review 13

1. Entry-Level Holy Grail

The Brunswick Rhino packs a heck of a punch if you want to sink your teeth into a reactive resin ball. It’s perfect for drier conditions or newer bowlers thirsty for sterling value. It performs incredibly well in lighter or medium oil conditions with the most excellent scores.

2. R-16 Cover Stock

The novel R-16 reactive cover stock describes the latest formulation that offers a perfect balance between ball control and power. The R-16 composition generates straightforward length and backend hook motion without severe sensitivity to the dry or oily portions of the lane.

3. Light-Bulb Shaped Core

Steeped in the traditional light bulb core configuration, the Brunswick Rhino renders superior ball motion. It helps bowlers take a pot shot at targets with a sledgehammer effect. Impressive pin striking force allows more strikes and higher scores.

4. Standard Drilling Techniques

You can have the Rhino drilled using typical drilling methods evolved for symmetric balls. A customized finger interface provides more consistent control over the delivery. Unique finger holes enhance bowler comfort and control.

5. Lightweight Structure

Brunswick crafted a unique core composition of each ball to tip the scales from 12 lbs to 16 lbs. The lightweight ball engineering provides bowlers with consistent reaction properties throughout the weight range.

Things We Like

  • Ideal for beginners not familiar with a reactive resin ball;
  • Perfect for drier conditions or new bowlers seeking top-end value;
  • Versatile ball motion suitable for a variety of lane conditions from lighter to medium oil conditions;
  • Great ball performance with lower hook potential;
  • R-16 reactive cover stock provides the most excellent balance between power and ball control;
  • Light-bulb-shaped core shape renders outstanding motion and sledge hammer strikes and higher scores;
  • Allows drilling via standard drilling techniques created for symmetric balls.

Things We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t hook aggressively for higher levels of play but perfect for beginners.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you order with customized holes?
A: No, you’ll have to visit a bowling alley shop for drilling.

Q: I want to have a customer finger pattern?
A: Yes, it’s beneficial for the finger and thumb nails.

Q: What happens in the middle portion of the ball’s approach?
A: The thrust from oblique rotation impacts the Rhino resulting in a hooking pattern of movement.

Q: Does the Rhino outclass its rivals on oily and dry lanes?
A: It’s designed for dry to medium lanes.

Q: Does it possess a hook ball characteristic?
A: Yes, it has excellent performance with lower hook potential.

Final Verdict

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review offers a winning combination and competitive edge so you can give pins a heck of a pounding. Exhaust all the possibilities with this beginner’s reactive resin ball designed for lighter to medium oil conditions.

With the highly developed cover stock, you’ll never have a chink in your armor or beat your brains out. It strikes a balance between thrust and ball control.

The R-16 formula renders more straightforward length and backend hook motion without severe sensitivity to the dry or oily portions of the lane. Besides, the light bulb shaped core boasts superior pin action for hard-hitting strikes and most excellent scores.

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