St. Louis Rams Bowling Ball Review

St. Louis Rams Bowling Ball throws your experience to new heights if you have not struck those pins for yonks. The much-sought-after NFL bowling ball represents a new series of a USBC certified lineup recommended for leagues or tournaments.

Brunswick integrates a core that romps through the pins in a subtle curving motion on the alley. As a high-quality bowling ball, it comes in a highly developed structure made from high-end polyester to keep its surface in mint condition in the long haul.

Level / PerformancePlastic / Spare
ColorNFL St. Louis Rams
Core TypeSymmetric
Coverstock TypePlastic
Flare PotentialLow *
Warranty1 Year
Product LineViz-a-Ball
Lane ConditionDry – Light Oil
Weights Available8, 10, 12 – 16 lbs
Core NamePancake style core
Coverstock NamePolyester
Hook PotentialLow
Finish TypePolished

Note: Core Specifications are for a 12 lb bowling ball

Beginners or recreational bowlers will milk it for all its worth in the long haul. Go full steam ahead with the game by throwing it straight at spares. It’s manufactured from premium-grade polyester material and vibrant, long-lasting decorations on the exterior surface.

St. Louis Rams Bowling Ball Review – 5 Main Features

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1. High-Quality Polyester Shell

This bowling ball from Brunswick bowling ball comes with a premium-grade polyester shell encapsulating a core. It will endure severe surface impacts down the lane without chipping or cracking. High-quality plastic boasts superior wear-and-abrasion resistance with minimal dirt pick-up.

Bowlers will find it less demanding due to inherent self-cleaning properties as it’s dirt-repellent. The topcoat will not rub off the lane or pick up marks. It has the most excellent impact-proof shell and sonic properties.

It has superior hardness while it does not brittle for improved durability. High-quality polyester used renders excellent mechanical strength, optical properties, thermal stability, impact-and chemical-resistance.

2. USBC Sanctioned

The United States Bowling Congress has prescribed limits on the valid weight imbalance of the bowling balls. The rules require a ball to have weight imbalance subjected under prescribed orientations. Manufacturers must determine the torque resulting from a mass discrepancy for specific USBC ball specifications.

The procedure uses the dodo balance beam scale or electronic load cells. It’s a regulation size 10 pin bowling ball certified for use in league or tournament play.

This item has exclusive, NFL-licensed 360 degrees graphics that do not affect on-lane performance and durability. All products have a USBC approval seal and a unique serial number.

3. Durable Decorations

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Brunswick breaks with the tradition of directly stamping decorations or engraving by sublimating inks deeper beneath the exterior surface. The manufacturing process presses colorful images through a heat and pressure controlled process.

It starts off as white in the initial phases of the production line for color neutrality and reduces incoherence between the topcoat and decorations. Accordingly, it enhances the contrasts, highlight and vibrancy of the embroidery to make the bowling ball eye-catching.

After using the ball for several months and exposure to wear due to scratches, the images endure vibrantly. A small line running through the center where two images straddle helps deepen the overall color scheme.

4. Ten-Pin-Bowling

Ten-pin set-up bowling has rapidly emerged as the most popular participant in the US today. You have to throw the 18 lbs ball along a 64’ lane from one end aiming 10 pins positioned in a triangular pattern at the other side. Bowlers use three or two finger-holes depending on your preference and tournament venue.

Recreational ten-pin bowling provides physical and psychological benefits. Bowlers engage in anaerobic exercising as it requires highly synchronized upper and lower body motions to create the underhand swinging throw down the lane. For high-level tournaments, it requires exquisitely fine control of speed or length in the run up, arm swing and release.

Why should you use St. Louis Rams Bowling Ball?

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1. NFL Decorations

Keep your spirits up under the bowels of darkness at the alley with the NFL St. Louis Rams. Swing into action with bubbly enthusiasm while tossing a strike or two with the super-stylish item for your gear. It boasts the authentic color, indicia, and helmet of your renowned NFL team.

There are also a few other bowling ball brands, like KR Strikeforce or OTB who are making NFL team bowling balls.

2. Durable Decorations

Brunswick, as one of the best bowling ball brands, has remained way ahead of the competition due to its indelible decorations that give the balls a richly-embroidered exterior surface.

The company uses a proprietary sublimation technology to engrave its images, graphics and colors stubbornly against scratches or dirt down the alley.

The manufacturer is releasing new bowling ball design every several years.

3. Cost

The ball incorporates NFL teams intellectual property, so because of that the ball has a higher price compared to other polyester bowling ball, but overall it not an expensive bowling ball.

4. Ten-Pin Bowling

The ten-pin bowling ball allows an optimum and more consistent release for you to attain higher scores. You derive a whole host of psychological and physical benefits from the anaerobic workouts as you swing the item down the lane.

The movement engages more muscle groups in the legs, back and upper torso while it requires more delicate control.

5. USBC Sanctioned Leagues

The item complies with size 10-pin bowling ball specifications promulgated by the USBC making it an easy picking for high-level leagues and tournaments. All balls come with a USBC seal with a unique serial number and NFL official seal.


Comes with the authentic color, indicia, and helmet of NFL with licensure
Bowling ball weighs 18 lbs with a 9” diameter
Conforms with regulation size 10 bowling ball specifications with USBC approval for leagues or tournaments
Ideal for recreational bowlers or beginners
Perfect for advanced bowlers seeking to hurl it straight at spares
High-quality polyester for improved durability, surface friction and better pin action
Decorations embedded with proprietary technology for durability, wear-resistance and long-lasting vibrancy.

Beginners may experience control difficulties due to high sensitivity to surface conditions

St. Louis Rams Bowling Ball – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use it for higher league or recreational tournaments?

Yes, it’s USBC and NBL-approved for all tournaments.

Do you use finger inserts with this bowling ball?

Yes, it has a comfortable and consistent grip.

Where is the manufacturer located?

Brunswick Corporation is a US registered company.

Is it one of the NFL’s gear collection?

Yes, it’s officially licensed by the NFL.

Final Verdict

St. Louis Rams Bowling Ball Review helps you give the lane a whirl with a super-trendy NFL item. Show off your squad’s pride and push your luck romping home to victory with a newly improved structure. It boasts an authentic color, logo, and a helmet of popular NFL teams.

It’s like bulldozing with a sledge hammer to pull down the pin set of connections. St. Louis Rams USBC-approved design broadens your horizons at entry-level or advanced stages.

Know your onions throwing the ball straight at pesky spares. High-end polyester coverstock with durable decorations make inroads into the pocket off like a shot.

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